Poolside Party!

Poolside party is always fun…! Last weekend.. we had a poolside potluck with the LUF group.. hmmm! i think potluck is better coz last time we have it BBQ potluck style and ended up we have tonnes of leftovers..

There are around 20 of us.. some came early some came later a bit.. but still.. i bet everyone enjoyed themselves.

The food we have..! Clockwise: My Green Curry, Druz aka Kerbau’s beef n chicken satay… My seafood potato bake.. Justina’s sandwiches.. and Chris’s chai kuey!

Chris’s ang ku kuey! my favourite!! and peanut kuey.. Marie’s garlic rice.. Sausages.. no idea whose it belongs to… and Jacq’s dessert!! Oh.. of coz.. yenni’s junk food!

Three dishes came late as everyone is hungry so we start off early. teeehehe! as u can see.. someone is extremely HUNGRY! hahaha!

Carol’s potato salad~

Babara and Meenz’s BBQ chicken wing…

and Annna’s Green Salad!! *yum yum*

We enjoyed the feasting.. i know u can see that! *kakaka*

Oh.. glad that kerbau can join us this time…!!

and Yenni brought the youngest guest of LUF! *hiak hiak*

After feasting is the best part of the whole poolside party!

Highlight of the day.. the mission to throw everyone into the pool.. except those with red flag.. and some of those with fake red flag. hohoho!

The first three —> Myself, Kerbau and Alex…

and Justina is our first target!!

Oh Oh Oh! and after that.. we have carol, stevo, Meenz and Jordan to join us! *muahahaha*

Wanted to pull JF in but.. too bad.. both the combat and pump instructors are not as strong as JF so… failed! hiak hiak hiak!

After all the chasing, shouting and screaming… we headed to Justina’s house..

and here.. Alex gave Jacq a homemade green tea cheese cake as her belated bday cake! AWWW! so sweet!

So as for now.. am waiting for the next activities na! muahaha!