Rooney’s Farewell

We gonnna missed Roooney a lot a lot a lot! He is now back to his hometown Penang and somehow.. i just feel something is missing everytime we r having our combat class. hahahahaha!

We planned a Farewell Dinner with him last Friday at Silhouette.. Some of us went earlier for the dinner while some of them only can join for the chill out session..

We had a very nice and warm dinner before we start playing and pacing around. *nyek nyek nyek*

My Fettuccine Alla Scaglio (Flat Pasta with mussel and wild mushroom sauteed in spicy garlic sauce) RM 21. A lil bit too dry for my liking. Not spicy at all and.. well.. its just alright. Ahlost had this one too.

I love fettuccine but this one is jus too dry. T.T

Annna‘s Spaghetti Aglio e Olio (Spaghetti with olive oil and garlic) RM 17. Although it looks simple but its really tasty.. If u like garlic.. you will definitely love this dish.

Pizza Funghi (Mushroom, Tomato and mozzarella cheese)

Pizza Funghi e Prosciutto (Turkey Ham, Mushroom, Tomato and mozzarella cheese)

Lamb Shank in Guinness Stout. *yum* This dish is not wad u can order everyday..!! So when the chef recommend the Today’s Special.. jus order it! *hiak hiak*

See.. how happy they were with the mouth watering dish!

I have no idea wad is this. T.T forgot to take the name of it.

I din take much photo during the dining time coz i m starving.. so don really bother to take pics..hohoho.. only take one with the guys beside me before my lip gross is gone in my tummy. HoHoHo!

This two gentleman only arrived when we were half way eating.. yup yup.. we ate first coz we are all starving after the combat class! *nyek nyek*

Group photo with the diners. *tada*

When we were almost done with our food.. Justine, Jacq and Adrienne finally arrived!

and so.. we have a massive camwhoring session….!

Stevo look so cute with the glasses! HAHAHAHA! nerdy  nerdy!

Roooney is the king that night.. everyone wants a piece of him! HoHohohO!

And he even got molested.. but i know he is happy!!!!

YES HE IS! hhahahahha!

I bet JF is happy too.. coz he keep showing his butt all night long.

Annna and i with our master!

why din see ahlost in the pic? Bcoz she is busy camwhoring with Gladys.. at the side. hiding hor!

But after 20 shots of tequila.. she decided to join us!


Pink, yellow, red, red.. i know u know wad i mean! haha!

and track 43.. is specially created by us for Rooooooney!

Affter a while.. Kerbau came.. he is late! *punishment for him*

We stay til quiet late that day.. until is like the whole silhouette is only us.. so Hasnol jump in our party too!!

with a BIG CHAMPAGNE!!!!!


But of coz.. its only for photo shooting! hahaha!

not only that.. he bring out his Extra Size HoeGaarden glass too!! HoHoHoHo!

And lastly.. a sweet group photo for Rooney’s farewell!

Picture of the Day!

*love my lings*