Sarawak Rock Party 2009 (1/2)

Remember the Rock Party i mentioned? Yes… its today! *teehehe* Well.. the reason i put it into 2 parts is because the file type and the youtube really load super super slow for the video.. i only have some movies done loaded so thats y i posted it up first.. if not.. tomolo will be a very busy day for me to pack and prepare everything for my phuket trip on Wednesday. =)

The pictures are shared coz i took videos more.. and he took more pictures.. u know lah.. i m using compact camera so i knot take a good shot of them.. especially when they are jumping and runnning so so so so FAST!!

We arrived at 6pm.. hmm.. din late hor.. kakaka!

So here’s the stage before the concert. Nice right! so dark!! *kekeke* I like it dark!

and hor.. this transperant nana! i intended to shoot the stage one.. but suddenly nana just RUN pass my cam.. so it becomes like this loh.. nice oso wad.. *teehehe*

So the first performing Artist it MonkeyKat

They really make the atmosphere so happening!! hahaha! and they have so many Fans..

Bassist.. he perform very well..

Another one.. kinda a lil bit shy..

and here comes the pretty…!

She is good in stage and making the whole crowd alive and active.. but.. seriously saying.. i have no idea of wad she is singing.. but still she is very pretty! ^^

Second band was DISABLE

This is really a quiet band..

QUiet  band means they have less shouting and screaming stunt.. just relaxing and peaceful

The lead singer. Anyway.. i think i saw him around stutong area few days ago if not mistaken. kakaka!

Third one is KHAI..

YEsH.. its our own edwin….a! *wooots*

look at his wearing and his pair of awesome boots!! *edwin+norman*


Edwin again.. lotsa lotsa edwin! *teehehe*

FOurth one.. Channel 1

Look at those familiar faces..! again.. our own Pazuzu and Frankie! Saw them?! *yea.. ignore the blur face*

Alvin a.k.a Pazuzu

and their whole band.. –> Frankie, Pazuzu, The lady emcee who love to show the audience her back, Season, William, and.. omg! i duno his name.. so sorry ah!!!

i do not have much picture but i do have a lil paragrahy of their performance

Fifth one.. Visualies

What i know is they used to have more members le.. kakakakaka! now left Russell, Wai and Andy

Andy Phe.. the lead singer

Oh.. wait a  minute.. i love Russell’s shirt! hahaha! so cute weiiii!

Sixth.. SLAP!

OH… honestly… i personally like this band…and the songs of coz.. its more to my perferences of music! *wuakaka*

the Lead Singer.. oh! he sings really well..

and the members of coz.. too bad the drummer is COVERED. haha

Seventh.. Season

AH! this guy! and.. his is the emcee for that night as well..

STM.. Single Track Mind

I bet everyone is happy to have Alex Wong back to Kuching performing for us..!!

He has been going around every places to perform.. just imagine how good he is.

This is one of my favourite band..

And of coz.. the famous Alex Wong


Spider Web

This is our only UNCLE band for the night.. uncle band is awesome! he sing hokkien song can! hahaha

they have been in the band for like 18 years! woots! *impressive right?*

and.. guess what??! they got the most screaming and shouting and supporting from the crowd.. almost everyone in the crowd cheers for them..

WHY?! You know i know lah…. I enjoy this band very very very much!!! *high fiveeee*

Okay.. these are the 8 bands and 1 singer performing.. teeheheh! *others will be in the next post lo.. coz their video is still loading ahhhhh*

The performing band is not in the real order as they were performing that night because i post up what i have first.. *i mean the video* lah.. hehe..

SO.. tell me whose ur favourite!