KL trip

Yup. I just came back from a 4 days 3 nights KL trip with lao mao and pik qii.. Yes.. i know i have been going to KL for so many times this year. Huhhuhu! And.. the tix were booked last year! We plan to go for a shopping spree actually but it ended up eating more than shopping.

Our first station at Times Square. A restaurant called Sek Hou. Our first attempt there and its just okay.

Lao Mao’s Beef Spaghetti. She said nth special

My green curry soupy seafood noodle. Euw! damn spicy can! and too watery

Pik Qii’s unagi cheese baked. The portion is too little she said.

And me bro join us for dinner after work. His tempting Spicy Chicken. i think its the best among ours

Next Station on the next day.

Kim Gary

Lao Mao’s tomato beef spaghetti.. *oooh.. she has been eating spaghetti for two days in a row*

My pork chop tomato spaghetti..! Oh..! i love it.. its sweet and not sourish. the Spaghetti noodles are awesome.. tender and just good for ur tongue! teheheh!

Pik Qii’s Unagi and seafood cheese bake *ooh.. she also had unagi for two days in a row.. kakaka*

As shopping mood is not really into us.. we decided to spend the money for other stuff! Guess what we decided to do? Well.. will not reveal lah…! guess urself.. MUAHAHAH!

Of coz not camwhore la hor.. only camwhore while we were waiting.

The background is the clue.

Oh.. meet up with our secondary sch sweetie Mei Mei

Lao mao is kinda exhausted that day so we return to our hotel pretty early.

She is tired and painful.. but me and pik qii is so awake and energic..

huhuhu.. but i guess she wont missed any chances of camwhoring

ANd for dessert.. we had this!!

WAFFLE WORLD! *claps claps claps*

Pik Qii’s strawberry waffle.. not too sweet.. the waffle and hot and crispy and the ice cream is just good when it melts in ur mouth… ooooooooooo…

I am the biggest fans of Banana!! so as normal.. i ordered Caramel Banana Wafflee! Gosh!! This is probably the best meal i had throughout my KL trip!!

Hot and crispy waffle with carameled banana slices and a vanilla flavoured ice cream as toppings PLUS the sweet and sizzling caramel dripping on the ice cream…! CAN u Imagine!! it makes the waffle so perfect!

Cut a slices of waffle.. spooned it with a slice of banana.. and top it with cold and soft ice cream with sizzling caramel on it!! Say it! YUMMYDELICIOUS *must try hor if u happen to go to 1U*

Open ur eyes open ur eyes!!

Yes.. DRAGON-I.. the place where you wont go for an every-day meal.. but guess what??! During April period.. they are having a promotion of RM 1 soy sauce chicken from 6pm til 9pm. Only if u have 3 person and above to dine in. There is no need to order any set meal for the RM 1 chicken. Just seat down and you can order. How nice!

YES. its only RM 1 for the whole plate of soy sauce chicken. And because of this. you can see when the clock hits 6pm… HOHOHO.. the sudden amount of customers arriving are unpredictable. But also.. your expenses will be around RM 7. WHY?

Peanuts for RM 2. But worth it.

Wet Tissue.. RM 1 per packet.

Drinks around RM 3.5 or more. and til then..

Your RM 1 soy sauce chicken! Its RM 1.. and the quality of the chicken is as good as their other dishes. Tender.. juicy.. smooth.. delicious.. yummy.. heaven.. any word i can think of.


And til the last day of our shopping eating spree.. Here’s a lil pic of our room!

Oh.. she die die wanna be in the pic. huhuhuhu!

lalalala.. Yes. our first time travelling together after knowing each other for 10 years!!!!! I only can say that.. friendship is precious. *hugs*