Squeezy Love @ Gordon’s !! (Part 1)

Just last nite, we had a lot of fun at Gordon’s. He prepared us BBQ with his super cheesy hotdog bbq-ed with love.. *its suppose to be a hotdog fest*.. very yummy delicious lamb bbq-ed with love as well.. Gordon’s younger sista, phoebe bake us some potato bake which i love so much *on my way planning to nyek the recipe*.. Lotsa lotsa caeser salad make by Gordon, Tim and Me with lotsa lotsa love!!! .. and fried rice.. ordered with love?! hahaha!! anyway.. i m sure everyone feel loved after the BBQ.. thankiuk Gordon!! *big huGs for u* 

Anyway.. last nite was Halloween.. i never attend any halloween party b4 so i treat this one as my first one?! ^^ And since rose had post up the BBQ at her blog.. it revealed my hair cut! *arghh* bo pian. its revealed so i oso don care liao la.. i m going to post it too!! tomolo am going to get a cap for myself.. anyone wants to accompany?? *sobx*

I din bring my camera that day.. my bad!! *haih* coz i had just hand in my assignment at 3pm yesterday.. go saberkas to get my dress.. take a shower and its oledi almost 4pm.. Tim and I went to Gordon’s at 4.30pm and i forgot to bring my cam!! *sedihhh* and now.. i haven get any pics from Gordon and Tim yet.. so i will just post up the FIRST version first.. the ROSE version!! *weekeke*

My loveable Ladies and Gents : Gordon, Tim, ChenKY, Aaron, Paul, Johnston, Myself, Ting, Rose, Eve and Annna. 

We played TWISTER!! This is how our squuezzzy love came from!!  ALL pics are from Rose! -muacks-

Introducing the Host.. just for the first round unfortunately.. kekeke! 

Gordon TANG!

You guys are so kewt!

 Gordon and Ting taking pictures! Ting is so geng in twister but Gordon owes keke curi tulang one!! 

 *nyek nyek* 

AH ting!!!! *clap clap clap*

Everyone is thinking how to twist.. but Rose is smiling! hehehe! *cute*

We also have this two noty one!! 

Guess who am i focusing!!! The lazy bum! *wuakaka*

Its Halloween!! Happie Halloween people!! and its also EVe Belated Birthday!!

Happie Belated birthday eve!! *hugs* feel the love?!