Oyster Buffet~!

Wuahahaha! Here come the post of my favourite oyster buffet!! Oyster oyster oyster!!!!! *pa, next time bring u go* muahahaha………!

As what i have expected.. oyster buffet should have lotsa oysterssss!!TADA!

The raw and creamy oysters… *drools*

And my very favourite… Cheese baked oyster with bacon.. wow! i think they refill it every 5 mins.. u can imagine how ppl crave for that!

The oyster shot…!

Seee.. see.. see.. this is how u do it! *hiak hiak hiak*

There is variety of food… and people as wel.. thats y most of the food is hungrily craved and scooped so it makes the presentation of the food… hmm.. UGLY.. thats y i din take much pictures of all the food available.. but stil.. there is still some *winks*

The potato salad..

The very nice meat slices…

and oyster pancake! *yum*

DEsssertsss!! who doesnt like rite?!

And steve!! *hugs hugs hugs* so dai sek… its so sweet of him arranging the portion for me to take picha!! *nyek nyek nyek*

SO here’s our portion..

AND everything makes a happie ahyien for that day! *lalala*