San Francisco | Our 1st Anniversary ^^

We had our first anni dinner at San Francisco Restaurant.. Its my first time there and i m totally pleased with the food and environment!! Super recommended! HAHA! Its located beside Lok Lok.. i m sure everyone in Kuching will know where is Lok Lok btw!

HIM.. super busy taking pichas! Wuakakakaka!

and me.. super busy taking pic of him as well! ^^

Oh.. thats the very recommended pineapple juice of his..

and a very yucky bloody mary of mine! My first time on Bloody Mary.. and.. its taste horrible!! too much Tabasco sauce?? coz its extremely “spicy”

I love the surroundings.. coz the wall is “mirrored”… *ding*

Crispy Oyster for our appetizers.. yum yum!!

i remembered we finished the oysters.. as for the vege.. Oh well! *grin*

Dar had Stew lamb… woow! ill giv it 90%!! its so tender.. and juicy.. and.. OMG! u jus have to try it..

and for big eaters.. its good for u.. bcoz the portion is big!! there r at least 8 pieces of lamb in it!!

as for me.. i had Parmesan cheese lamb chop!

First time in my life i had FRIED lamb chop!! kinda weird right?? deep fried woh!

and surprisingly.. it turned out VERY NICE!! kinda unique huh! and.. although its deep fried.. the sauce never fails to impress us! Yes.. theres sauce sealed inside! and the meat is tender n soft… yet to mention.. the wedges is not the frozen ones we owes had in some western restaurant.. its fresh! Its REAL potatoes. haha!

Overall.. i super love the food there and i swear i will go back for more!! Although its a lil bit pricey.. but.. please listen to me.. it worth every single cents u pay! *nyek nyek*