Squeezy Love @ Gordon’s (Part 2)

My assignments are really killing me.. how i wish i could just hold a knife and stab it! Couldnt go for Go karting makes my pek chek-ness for the assignments remaining in me still.. So, the best way to let it out is to do something which makes me more comfortable with.. BLOG! 

*nyek* I got pictures from Tim, which means that more squeezy love to blog about. Still waiting for Gordon’s but no rush. He is a busy man for these two months. keke! Anyway, lets continue.. TMOT version!

Part two!!!

Start with our Host… after finishing his wombok dog!

Annna briefing on the rules! keke

and.. START!!! 

Wah.. rambut us look like ahem eh.. *lalala*

and.. squuuuueeezzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

ChenkY gets noty!! woots! Chenky chenky chenky!!

Gordon.. buat apa ?!

The Host warming up for his turn! kekekekekkeekeke!! 

Chenky berangan angan wanna berpose-pose..

ANd.. i agree with Tim.. they look like housewives..! The Voons and Foos.. *lala*

Except that… they are the cute ones!!

ANother two adorable ones..

we got AHleng.. toking to duno “WHICH” one..


And… *nyek*

And revealing the lazybum i m focusing on in my previous post.. JF!!! No matter how u persuade how u force.. he will never want to squueeze in and giv some love.. *huhuhu*


Me..! OH!!! I LOOK LIKE A KID!!! *issshh*

and Cute EVe!!

and oso my best twist for the day! *lalala* with ROse beside me.. Oh.. she is small so u cant see her! *nyek*

Stay Tune for MOre SQUUEEZZZY LOVE!! from Gordon!