SUper Outdated Bowling!

I have tonnes of things to blog about.. and most of them.. it is either blogged long long time ago by TmoT and Gordon or Rose.. so i will just have to blog about sth which they haven bother to blog!! wuakakaka!!!

One month ago.. we went to this super bow at Riverside.. I have a bunch of friends who are so expert and pro in bowling.. woots!! so even if i don play.. i enjoy looking at them playing.. wuakakaka!!!

The pros.. well.. judge urself lah.. they always wan to deny one.. so lalalala.. u noe i noe enuf liao hor… SO heres the people!!!

The Three Guys!! Chenky, Gordon and Tim

Kenny and Monica!! *so sweet*

Rose and Paul.. the WOng’s family…!

Rose, Johnston and Paul.. rose owes wana siam my cam so took more of her pics! wuakakkaa!!

and lastly Ting and Me…

Well.. i have nth much to blog about lah.. hehe! just randomly show some pictures nia.. bored ma.. nth to do somemore.. and there are so many people now at starbucks…! *nyek*

Thats all.. nth liao.. hahahhaa!!! bored leh!!! haih.. Oh.. i should blog on food more!!

Oyster buffet coming next! Weee

*The picchas are still in my camera but Chenky is urging us to go over tok janggut so better go now!! hehe.. afterall.. he is today’s birthday boy MAN!!! *nyek* upload the pic lata!!*