Sushi Bonanza!

Wooots! for like 2 weeks we have been thinking of SOOOSSSHHII BONANZA!! and guess what! the time has come!! It was Monday evening 5.30pm when everyone come straight to SusHi King after work to meet up just for the Sushi Bonanza! *wooots* 

We thought we are early.. but.. when we got there.. wow..! It looks like everyone doesnt need to work!! How can they be so early as working hours had just over..! hahaha! anyway.. CKY is the first to reach.. followed by Tim, Ting and Me, then Gordon.. half way we have Ting’s Sister, Rose and Ah Paul, and lastly Anna..! *nyek nyek* 

We reached The Spring at almost 6pm.. Waited for like half an hour.. luckily was just half an hour caused Fab and Steve them waited for like one hour plus plus! 

The first round for us!! Only FIRST ROUND.. Rose, Gordon and ME.. *geng leh* hahahaha!

 Happily waiting for the soooshi feast!

More pictures to be updated soon.. we ate 69 plates altogether.. for 8 person.. Anna’s on her family’s bill. =)

The JUmPing SPreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with bloated tummy!!

woots! imma gonna get more picas tomolo!