The Ladies Jump!

Hmm.. i was supposed to be away for two days but seems tak jadi neh.. AhLieng called tim and tim called me today saying that ahLieng updated his BLOG finally.. AFTER A YEAR and ask us to go have a LOOK! hahaha!! Woooots! he finally updated his.. and somemore he posted those pictures earlier than i m.. *grin*

Anyway.. i m suppose to post on the Photoshoot thingy but… there are like more than 40 pictures i wanted to post up.. and i still have some assignments on hand so i will just delay the post first lo hor.. So for now.. i just post up some..outdated one.. ^^

Credits to TmoT’s for the pictures!! well.. we have more but its not with me now so i just posted up what i have. For more.. please refer to TmoT’s

I love Rose’s expression.. *nyek nyek*

OOps… not really entirely LADIES jump la.. we have  two gents with us.. ^^ AHLIENG and TIM

And finally…

My ultimate jump! *wweeeets*

HOTDOG PARTY at Gordon’s tomolooooooo! *hungry*