The Photoshoot

Ok.. finally i am here posting up the photoshoot which AAron and Tim had posted up di.. but still.. i m not the last one.. Gordon and Na haven post yet! *grin*

So here’s our photoshoot session before that fire came.. Okay.. i practice the same concept.. 

“Let the picture speaks for itself”

The Duo!! *nyek nyek*

Presenting u the KungFu ting!!!

And of coz.. the SolO!

GOrdon! can sell this pic to levis eh!! *superb*

Kaki Levis oso!

Na is owes so cute!

My 3 guys! versus 3 ladies?? *keke*


eh eh gordon.. buat apa ni? *grin*

And the combination! hahah! i m runnin out of words……. 

My favourite pic..! *teehehe* although its a bit blur.. but its still my favourite! ^^

Our culture.. before anything ends.. we must have a jumpin spreee! so here it goes… 

Oh… it seems like i m not jumping.. take 2!!

oops.. din manage to jump liao.. let my guys do it!!

See.. they are just fanstatic!!! *clap*

Last but not least… *oooo.. it sounds so secondary-sch-essay*

The funky one! eeeiks.. ah tim ar.. next time don stand too near Gordon eh!

Are we going to stand like this for Christmas?? >.<“

Okay!! done with my Photoshoot post! hhuhuh! i think this wil probably be the least words post!