We miss Aaron (Part 1)

Today, our aaron will be leaving to Bintulu..! hmmmpf.. i din know pharmacist will be transfered from place to place too.. and somemore.. its freaking two years long.. =( We all gonna miss u a lot AAron.. 

Just last night.. we took our family portrait.. Sorry guys i couldnt make it to the farewell dinner as my assignments are really pushing me hard..! *sobx* Anyway.. i m glad i joined u guys for the family portrait.. if not i’ll be really miserable by now.. and thankiuk steve for the dinner and ride! *hugs*

We’ve got tonnes of pictures and i think i will just divide everything into 4 parts! sounds easier ma.. *teehehe* Our random family pictures!! 


lOOK at that three… wuahaha..

EVe seems lost…

We got the ladies and the gents..

and four on four! hahaha!

And heres something which shows ur love to u hor aaron!

And this is what friends are for.. crazy around!!!! i noe we owes enjoy laughing together rite?! *nyek nyek*

with lotsa love from us.. you are always in our heart yo!! Come back often ar!!!!

From the ladies…! Rose take only 4 shots and she doesnt has the horizontal version so i duno how to edit leh. *sobx* and… aaron is suppose to be a statue.. knot move hor knot move hor!

p/s: I m so blur now.. duno what to write at the moment.. gonna miss u a lot eh aaron.. be safe owes k?and the ah moi at mei mei cafe will gona miss bancuh kopi o peng kao for u lor.. T.T