Another RGH’s outing!

We are supposed to attend an event but eventually… well… *censored* hahaha! Anyway.. we managed to still hang out together for the RGH random third outing. *nyek nyek*

Start off with a light shopping at Crown. But but… shock enough.. all the shops are closed down.. dys and i din even know it. hohoho!

So.. we proceed to have our early dinner at Mr.Ho Fine Food…. ARGH favourite place! heheheehe

Our drinks…!! Sarsaparilla, Ginger beer and Ice Lemon Tea….!!

DysLing and RoseLing had their all time favourite : Aglio Olio!!!

I don dare to have a bite bcoz it might have the prawn base…. huehuehue!

So.. for me.. a porky lover.. i had this!!

Roasted pork with Apple sauce…

GOSH!!! so tasty… cripsy skin.. the meat is soft and juicy!!! and the 3 layer pork is not that FAT that day..

but still… sharing is preferable!!! *teeehehehe*

And the usual makan makan partner…!!

And our pets. hehehehehe!!

ARGH! Oh…. we will unite very soon! *weeeeeeeee*

Second venue… Wine and Liquor….!! Coz we wanna buy something for someone’s birthday! *nyek nyek*

Happy enough… we had a sip of Malibu and Champagne!!! HOhoHo!!

And we had a great chat with all the people there. such a relaxing shop hor

Third venue… MAC!!!

Dys wanted to buy some concealer and i recommended her MAC…

she wanna try out the eye shadow and so on…. A full make over! *woots*

and TADA!!! Pretty Dys!!!! when will be RoseLing’s turn

And me myself.. i explore myself and i found this…

MAC Dare to Wear Collection Lipglasses : “Ban This!”

A Deep purple with multi pearl…. Oh… its limited edition somemore!! but i din buy… still thinking still thinking. hohoho!

After a long pacing at Spring.. we headed to Secret Recipe!!

For the same reason….. DURIAN cheesecake… oh oh. we had Classic cheese that day as well!! *yum yum*


such a small lady with a Big Camera!

Will be away for 2 weeks!!