Celcom Xplay 2012 @ Rush Artistry Kuching

Remember the utmost happening event in Kuching Last Saturday? Did u all go? Well, i went.. and.. it brings back all the adrenaline rush effect back to me… i mean for ppl like me who stop clubbing for a while di. hahahaha… Come back with lotsa fun and unexpected shows and experience. This year, definately sexier, bolder and bigger than ever.

The environment was magnificent. The crowd was there even thought it was just around 8pm or 9. i bet people have already plan for this. 😀

First DJ to lead the crowd is DJ Nikki, first is always the important one. To attract the crowd’s attention. To lure the crowd to fall in love with the whole thing even before they are drunk or tipsy. ehhehehee! I enjoyed the music.

Second DJ will be DJ Gift. All the way from Thailand. This hot lady managed to bring the crowd into the higher level of fun and excitement. Everyone is frown into her performance.

Oh Oh… out of no where unexpectedly, Celcom Xplay presents us with a very eye opening dance performance. By this 4 yummy guys. Well, thats something extraordinary but stunning.

Look at the moves and how powerful their performance is. Even me, the one who haven even started to drink also got high up the sky 😀

And the famous Oppa gangnam style. No way u can miss it.

Proudly brought to you DJ Teri from Ukraine. The climax of all fun… She is attractive, hyperactive and leading. Everyone listens to her, everyone loves her, everyone gone crazy of her.

Oh… did mama say dont play with fire?

At least you are in a super stunning events with extra sexy DJs and amazing crowd!! U see it. U feel it.

Every year, Celcom Xplay has been providing the better performance and events for the kuchingnites. More surprises and more excitement! So if u missed it this year, please pray hard for them to organize one again next year!! 😀 *cheeers*

Btw, we were having lotsa fun and crazy moments during Celcom Xplay! Thanks again for that <3