Food @ KL (1/2)

i decided to update my KL post first as there are too many outdated posts which tmot and the gang has updated! wuakaka!

I went over to KL last few days for a very very quick shopping spree.. just a very quick and rush one.. and somemore i was not in the very good condition.. shortly.. means i sick lah.. so didnt really enjoy the whole shopping spree. the worst thing.. i cant eat all the nice nice food.. all my meals are soup-based.. hoho! but hor.. i get to see my papa, mama and my bro eating NICE food la.., not too bad.. i bought a lot of stuff! *nyek*

Oh.. one thing to comment.. the Pak Nasir nasi lemak doesnt look as delicious as the posters or u prefer to call it illustration.

Oh.. i played sudoku to kill my time.. its really bored on the plane hor.. hor.. hor..

We stayed at Hotel NOVA! OMG!! i got a post specially for the hotel.. not to compliment la hor.. its the opposite of it. Stay tune! *wuakaka* anyhow.. we reached Kl kinda early so heres my first soupy dish at Jalan Alor..

The Meat Balls Soup beehoon..

So first station we went to Pavilion! Pavilion has a lot of nice food though!! Christmas “is” coming so we got big christmass tree..

and… duno wad is it called. haha!

For my lunch… i had porriadge! Oh.. i really love the porriadge there!

Another favourite is the John King Durian Egg Tart!! wooots!! fabulous i tell u!! Must try hor!! *restricted for durian lovers only*

Next on.. J co Donuts!! my bro and i nearly waited for almost half an hour for our turn.. well.. it really taste better.. i mean if compared to Big Apple and Dunkin donuts..! i got some chocolate flavours one.. one tiramisu one.. garlic and cheese as well as BANANA choc! *wuakaka*

But still.. my very very favourite will be the wong kok restaurant! woots! the deco is nice!!

Of coz must camwhore camwhore first..

so heres the place..

How nice rite??!

As you can see…. I owes got the very soupy dish and hot beverages..

Hot chinese tea with beef noodle in soup!! how kolien rite!!!!!!!! *cry*

As for Papa..look at his drinks!! its called “gentleman”.. so cute!! nice nice! i slurp a lil.. just a lil la hor.. and his food.. honey roasted pork chop.

For mama.. her hot temptation.. something like that.. its actually yam with lotsa kind of ice creams.. according to her.. her love it up and down. with her food.. honey roasted spare ribs.. oh.. i just realised they love honey roasted so much! Huhuhu

My bro.. he had banacranberry juice! Superb in the eyes of banana lovers! and his food.. cheesebaked pumpkin! omg!! cheesebake..!!! so drooling can!!!

how i wish i can have that… *sobx**

look at those tall tall drinks.. so not fair! i m drinking hot chinese tea only neh!

Satisfied faces!!

And…. Its camwhore time!!!!!!!!!!!! I din camwhore much in this trip.. only those two days when my bro is with us..! *nyek*

My favourite pic of the day….. *grin*


Ok.. done with pavilion food… so i kumpul kumpul the food pic at sungei wang, one u and midvalley first lor hor.. *pray hard for me to get my laptop back*