Food @ KL (2/2)

Oooh.. 2008 is going to end.. so as wad ahlost say.. nid to post all the 2008 stuff by today! wuahahaha! so make it all brief..

After the pavilion food we had.. i move on to mid valley! I owes go there.. but i never really shop the whole place yet.. wuakaka! the most common place u can get the food is from Food Bazaar…

So here’s the mango ice my bro had…

Mummy’s nasi paprik!

And daddy japanese set lunch!! huhu!

Oh..before that… i went over b4 Christmas.. so as promise.. must show some christmas trees la hor..

I think it look the same every year… *huhu*

Moving on.. we went to the famous Kim Gary.. Well. i went to Kim Gary almost every visit to KL.. coz the food is cheezy and the price is very reasonable.. but hor.. this trip i m gonna have soupy dish all the way thru it.. haih!

My soupy pork chop noodle in soup!!!! Haih!!!

Mummy’s combo set (i wan the egg!)

Daddy’s Unagi cheesy set!! (freaking envy can…)

Lun’s curry wrapped sth.. huhuhuhu!!!!! T.T (crying)

Haih!! food are evil!!! nvm la.. b4 we left.. my bro ask me try on this!! so cute!! huhu!

I mean the DRESS is so cute… not me la hor. *shy*

There’s a place called little taiwan at Sungei Wang which i personally would not recommend you to go.. the price is almost like what you will get at Kim Gary.. the drinks are far more extremely expensive.. and the food is NOT impressive at all…. I mean it.

Mummy got this sour plum juice which taste just ok with papa’s watermelon juice which doesnt really taste so good..

My bro got this red tea which the ice is more than the tea. Papa got another drink called blue coral which is actually just champagne milk tea with extra sugar!

tempura.. *eeeuww*

Cold dish… *omggg*

Wanton soup.. can u see the wanton?

Salted chicken with rice.. hmm.. u judge urself

Pumpkin CAKE!! *double euwww*

BUT.. they got nice beef noodles! hehee

1Utama! Oh.. my stomach is feeling better so i started to take SOLID food.. haha.. We dine at Only MEE. which the service is good but the choice of food is limited.

I had this honey roasted chicken.. nice! but the portion too big o..

wuahaha! um hou yi si ar.. i m not feeling well so i better use my shade to cover up my pale face lo hor. *lala*

Mummy’s thai chicken.

Oh.. nearly forgotten.. the very nice Xmas Tree at the center

And.. very pinkish one!!

I like it i like it! *nyek nyek nyek*

Last but not least.. a very recommended place for BAK KUT TEH! Its situated just by the road side of Chow Kit Road.. very nice one i tell u.. the portion is super a lot and it only cost like RM 9 per person excluding rice!

It doesnt look so nice but it taste very nice!

Got side dish somemore… Tauhu!

And the rice.. with bawang! *wuakaka*

So thats all for my KL trip! Weeee!! DONE!