From KL to Melbourne

Day 2 at KL.. my brother was working and so i have nothing to do but to hang out alone at MidValley.. Coz midvalley is big enuf to lepak for the whole day ma. keke!! Bought a book from MPH.. GOSH!! i nidda salute to those who had lotsa BOOKS at home.. BOOKS are expensive expensive can??!!!! it cost me like 5 good meals for a one interesting book.. yeah! its very interesting.. kekeke!

It doesnt mean that my relationship now is complicated hor!! its just a book to enhance happier and fuller relationship.. Well.. wad can i say.. its a good book.. it change a lot of ur perception towards relationship and it certainly helps a lot.. the book is for single as well as couples. Single as to prepare them to go into a relationship because it will pin point ur perception because some ppl think that they don need a relationship.. some have no confident to get a relationship.. reading the book really helps them to overcome and change all their negative perception.. as for couple.. i m sure you will be interested to read! kekeke!

So i buy a book and i stray at this cafe for 2 hours to read it..merely just to spend my time lah. hehe!! its called yoyo snacks.. i ordered one very nice milk tea it hang on for 2 hours! huhu!

Its was 6pm when my brother call for a movie.. we wanted to watch EDEN LAKE bcoz all his friends don wanna watch horror movie and mine too.. so.. we were so glad both of us WANTED to watch.. too bad.. yesterday was the last day.. huhu.. no more horror movie but we still ngei ngei wana watch.. so guess wad???? we ended up watching MALAY horror movie called Pasukan Abla… i forgot the name liao. it was SUPPOSE to be a horror movie but it end up me and my bro as well as the twp girl in front of us keep laughing.. because it was SO STUPID and SO FAKEEEE!!! no quality at all.  kakaka!

and we managed to catch a dinner at burger king before movie.. well! so nice of my brother to forgo the JOGOYA free buffet and accompany me there for burger king! *hugs*

HE made me grape ice cube water too when we get home!!!hahaha!! Special rite?!

The very next morning.. i went to the airport early in the morning. Wait for few hours for the departure to Melbourne. Had my lunch at the departure hall.. eeuw.. don mention

Ah yien is just too brave to go on plane alone.. YES.. alone.. not to go elsewhere but to MELBOURNE.. alone!

Yada yada.. so bored alone u know!! especially at airport and on the plane!!! argh!!!

Oh.. and there’s this little touch screen thing on the plane.. guess wad??

It can show map… watch movie.. listen to songs.. play games.. order food..

and.. CHAT!!! hahahahahah

I know some of you will think that there is nth special..but wad to do.. my first time go so far bah!!!!!! my first time saw that too. =)

and here i go.. after a long flight from 1.20pm at KL.. i finally reached Melbourne at 12.10am ON the NEXT DAY due to daylight saving.. hahaha

I get a skybus down to city alone..

I m just so brave! keke!