Hanging out place–Isabella

Yes.. today’s posting is merely about Isabella Cafe.. which is near my house.. For people who do not know this place.. it is just situated opposite day dream. 4 1/2 miles.

It has been long since i went there.. Basically its a place for ppl to chill out and hanging out with friends.. they sell mainly tit bits rather than core meal but still.. they have it.. people mostly went there for a cup of tea, chit chatting and mingle around.. play board games, play card games and so on.. Its a good leisure place i can say..

Yes.. we have 4 people just now.. ^^ Vanilla milk tea is my all time favourite! (up) and another one is lemon juice! weeeeee~

Heres a picture i took at my seat’s angle.. Yes.. the environment is cozy and confortable rite??!!! they even have lots and lots of pillows around you.. and of coz.. everyone need to take off their shoes la.. the concept of this cafe is mostly home-alike..

Heres some snacks we ordered.. well.. i guess everyone is on their diet so not much food we ordered..

My favourite French fries..!

ANd… guess what is this!!! (hint: hui sze and lao mao’s favourite!)

Oh ya.. another thing people owes do in Isabella…..

Cam whoring!!!! hohohoho! =D

Yes.. this is our session! *winks* Well.. the environment is yellowish.. in colour i  mean.. so with or without flash makes a difference.

Lao mao say I am like siao cha bo.. =..(