KL : The Arrival

Weehehe! finally at home to update my blog.. ^^ See. i m so rajin i din even sleep when i get home. haha!!

We went to KL at the 10th of July.. near to MIdnight.. so says we will be arriving at midnight something.. It was kinda bored in the airport..not much ppl.. not much things to do..

Oh.. see.. i m whole green.. wuakakaka!!

My lovely new bag bought just to put my keren and my puma beg. ^^ Green Green Green! *love it!*

I duno why but maybe ppl just don like to travel at midnight time.. the whole flight has only like less than 50 ppl.. thats y we were told to sit separately to balance up the plane.. hehe..

And when i was concentrating with the boring magazine on the plane.. I saw this!!!

wuakaka!! BUBU resort?? eee..

MY BUBU?? hehehe! BUBU!! its ur resort! *muax* so cute neH!

Okay okay.. enuf for the borings.. haha..

Lets see something good!


My favourite w910i.. hehehe!! we bought for my brother for his brthday present! wuakaka!!

Luckily he loves it.. or elsee..

Ohya. before end.. mummy brought her homemade chicken pie! look familiar? hohoho!!!