Melbourne: Ahyien Learned Salsa! + Me love Broken Rice

I have been mentioning about broken rice in Plurk.. so.. what is Broken Rice?? Its actually one of the three very famous dishes of Vietnamese Cuisine. “Pho”, broken rice and the popiah.. the ultimate stars of vietnam!!

So today.. i get to try broken rice.. broken rice according to ah leng is.. normally we have rice in a whole gain.. one biji right? broken rice is like the rice broke into half so only half biji of rice and thats call broken rice. Very famous de hor! But still.. “pho” is still the champion in Vietnamese cuisine!

So.. we went to this broken-rice-famous restaurant called Viet Star!

I called Broken rice of coz.. and it turn out..

WAH!! actually when it comes.. i was very disappointed.. it served like its home cook fast food.. but once i get a mouthful of it.. I changed my mind. I m outta my mind. Delicious this is wad i call. =)

Basically Broken rice is served with four main toppings.. First.. we have an egg. ok nth to shout about. Secondly.. we have this chewy stripes thing with mince pork. omg! at first i thought it was like some sort of vege… BUT I M WRONG.. its something chewy like meat-kind.. with mince pork..i m so addicted to that!! i m loving that thing but i have no idea wads that!! teehehe!! and.. move to the vietnam special.. its some kind of egg but mixed with something until it doesnt taste like an egg.. it taste ok.. but once u pour some sauce on it.. its like heaven!!! omg!!!!!!!! WHAT IS THAT!? i oso dunoo. but it just taste so nice.. and lastly.. the pork chop.. i seldom order pork chop anywhere because its kinda common and there is nth special about pork chop.. so i tried that one last.. i cut a small piece.. chew it.. pulse a while.. cut another piece again.. Is that a pork chop? Its just so unbelievable.. its like grilled or BBQ-ed.. but.. the sauce is unique.. its very fragrant.. FRAGRANT in your mouth.. and most importantly.. its juicy.. add it the sauce if u do.. its almost near to perfect!!

As you can see.. the portion is so so so so so so so BIG… but still.. i can finish everything except the broken rice.. I m bloated… but.. i m so satisfied.. i never taste something so good before.. *except for the souvlaki* hahaha!!

AH leng ordered PHO.. i still love my broken rice..

Hung Sia ordered Popiah.. i love my broken rice still.. kakakakak!

Nothing much on that particular afternoon.. i din go to city.. i walked around Glenferrie.. went to supermarkets and search for my mummy’s mintys.. hehe! oh.. just too many kinds.. =) Oh.. went to coles at first then safeway! i love to shop around marts.. because its just very fulfilling. ^^

It was evening time when anson come and pick me with my favourite Honda accord. haha! He say he is willing to sell for my dar for 31,000 AUD haven include import tax gok. apalah him! =.=”

He bring me to go for dancing class!! haha! first time in my life time i dance.. SALSA and Street LAtin! Omg!! its very fun!!! We dance in University of Melbourne somemore.. nope.. anson is not studying there.. he just got a way to get in. =) he pay for the entrance fee too! thankiuk anson!

Sorry la the pic so blur.. they dance too fast! kaka!

This is the HALL… so many ppl dancing around right? Tonight they are teaching STREET LATIN.. very cool one.. but the very-know-how-to-dance anson taught me SALSA personally.. so.. untung la me.. learn both in a day..

Anson : I teach u SALSA.. u go back and force hang hang to go learn and dance with u..

Me : Oh… its not a Bad idea anyway!! *teehehehe*

DAr.. anson ask u dance with me hor.. hehe.. but my dar know salsa’s basic already leh.. so i think i better teach him street latin!! its so so so cool!!! pusing lai pusing ki~ hehe

Caught anson’s friend’s merlvyn.. flirting dancing with the committee… kakaka!!!

Oh ya.. this is anson!!! He is one of my dar’s very best friend.. and.. he really know how to dance^^ When he dance with his girlfriend.. they just look magnificant =)

So this is me!! and its my first time learning how to dance.. except for the one time my dar teach me in his room.. *grin* Street latin and salsa really are nice!

p/s: Dar.. we can go learn how to dance if we really have nothing to do. okok? *tehehe*

My conversation with Anson:

Anson: i thought hang hang come with you.. where is he..?

Me: I also hope so hor.. but he got no more leave… =(

Anson: HA? he also need to apply leave one meh??

Me: Of coz la.. he is working in contract la hor…

Anson: Oh.. no wonder lah… Then thats different.. Kelien ah ni.. yi ge ren..

Me: *watery eyes* + *kek kolien*.. hang hang owe me a aussie trip liao..!! *sobx*

Anson: After contract ask him bring you come again.. =D!!

Me: He say he will woh. i wait loh…

In conclusion.. kekeke! dar.. u owe me an Aussie trip!! *blueks*