Melbourne : Limors Flame Grill & Bar

Cut it short. I am kinda lazy to edit my pics now but at the same time not sleepy at all.. so just update a very short post about some good food in Melbourne!! *teehehe*

Once upon a time Anson brought me to a French Restaurant ( i m not very sure if its a French Restaurant after i saw the webbie but i was told it is. ) called Limors Flame Grill & Bar.

Nice interior i know. ^^

And.. there’s someone singing nice songs for us too! *nyek nyek* Anson say theres once a man proposed to his Gf there. Wow.. i think its nice too.. but too bad Anson’s friend make fool of the man. kekeke!

The menu..

Anson compliment us with his Red Wine. HUHU!! but i kinda numb already coz i just went to winery with anson before the dinner!!!

French Salad. Hmm.. i HATE OLIVES… eeeuuuw!!!!!

Oh Oh oh oh!! This is mainly what we;ve ordered.

KEKEKEKE!! I KNOW ITS FREAKING BIG PORTION.. i m not sure how many ppl this is for but five of us cannot really finish it!!!

FYI. U.S baby ribs, chicken&meat sharshliks, chicken wings, kebabs, continental sausages, chicken ribs, chicken schnitzel, lamb cutlets, plus a French Salad and a plate of French Fries.

Myself, Anson, Mervyn, Max and Grace *Oh.. i made new friends there too! keke*

We have 5 to finish it up!! and the guys are all bloated after the meals.. Sometimes.. i think the portion in aussie is kinda too shocking and scary.. T.T

The portion of Malaysian western food is like their leftover only.. do u agree! *but i prefer the portion here so so so much*

Their Webbie :

Updates!! : My Dar and i went to Hock Lee just now and he bought a panasonic lumix!! *weeee* i will have plenty of cameras to camwhore with now!! *MUAHAHA* lalalalala