Melbourne : Winery

One of must-do thing in Melbourne is Wine Tasting..

I had mine at Frankston..! Woots.. Actually if you are too free and you are a wine addict.. you can take your time to spend the whole day just to go for wine tasting in every single winery in Australia.. YES.. there are plenty of them.. a little sip of each type of wine in all the winery in Frankston are more than enough to make you drunk like a pig! *nyek nyek**

For me.. i only tried 2 winery.. because we have to rush for the mornington view as well as the sand sculpture which only opened until 6pm. huhuhu! but hor.. the wine tasting already make me feel like.. never wanna touch wine forever~! hahahahahah!! No lah.. just kidding. *teehehe*

We start off with the B’Darra EState winery.. I seriously love the view over there!!

such a cutie! * i mean the barrel *

The environment was good.. just like a little cottage out of no where! But.. comfy!

They have the whole selection of different wine for tasting.. red wine.. white wine.. any wine you can think of!!

YES!! and even WINE CHOCOLATE!! Definitely love it!! i bought shiraz flavor for mummy!! thats the best among all!

And of coz.. they let you to write comment of each wine..

They introduced and they served..

This one is the best.. PURE RASPBERRRIES!!! no grape nothing! just pure raspberry wine! its a winnning wine in Australia wine 2006 can!! and… guess what? YES… i bought two bottles.. one for my family and one for dar’s family! *woots*

and it ends up anson buy two boxes of wine.. yeah!! 24 bottles!!

We then proceed on to the second one.. called PHADRUS ESTATE... this one is so much smaller..

Even the vineyard is just in front of the cottage! cute!

and here goes the second round of wine tasting…

And… you know lah.. i m not an alcohol person…