New York New York @ 1Borneo, KK

One of the best food we had in KK was from here.. New York New York.. its hidden somewhere in 1Borneo Shopping Mall… somewhere near Secret Recipe.. Wow.. i remembered we had a hard time looking for it. =)

Even Fen Hong Zhu was exhausted by the time we found this place!!!

The lighting was too orangey don u think so, emo FHZ?

We started off with these two tasty bowl of soups…

We have Roasted Mushroom Cappuccino priced at RM 6.90 and Fishermen’s Clam Chowder, RM 9.90. Both are chef recommended. I personally love both but more in love with the Fishermen’s Clam Chowder!!

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Mushrooms.. RM 15.90. Rose‘s favourite.. i mean.. all times favourite.

hehehe! Well.. i believed it would  be better if they have more chilli flakes on it, dont u think so? ^^

My Spaghetti Bolognese with Giant Meatballs.. RM 21.90. Not too sweet… and the flavor of the meat is just nice…

Not to say the Giant meatballs!! i can finish only ONE… The magic of the meatballs are.. although its so huge.. the meat is still very tender and juicy. Most of the meatballs if you have to make it this size.. it will either too dry at the outer layer coz it took longer time to cook it or.. the inside part is not fully cooked. But surprisingly for this one.. not a problem at all!

Penne Mushrooms Alfredo with Roasted CHicken.. RM 25.90  I personally will suggest everyone to giv it a try on this one.. especially the roasted chicken….! *yum yum* i’ll prefer this one over my spaghetti for sure. =)

Fettuccine Alfredo with Fish Fillet.. i forgotten to note down the price of this one. sobs!! but if were to refer to the chicken fillet.. its around RM 19.90. Correct me if i m wrong. =)

Apart from that we have this Mini Cheese Fondue for sharing..  RM 12.90. Too cheesy for me.. but i love the brinjal. =)

The cheesee… hmm.. i wonder how many of u will actually scoop the cheese and eat it. hohoho!

After all the dishes.. its time for the MAIN ENTREE of the day!!


Did they include the whole chicken in the burger?? *grin*

Just merely look at the size!!!! the burger itself is bigger than the spaghetti plate. oh my oh my

Bigger than my head of coz..!!

Mine and FHZ to be precise. hehehehee!!

FHZ solo with the humongous burger!

Not only that.. look at the amount of the fries!!! how many packets of McDsss???!

Everyone wants a piece of it!!!

Oh look!! tell me how can i not love the burger!! i jus cant stop eating the meat!! how can it be so juicy!!! Every bite is like a bit of the soft and tender drumstick.. *yumm yummmmm*

Have some ppl? Its at G-838. REMEMBER!