Ocean Park

All pictures are taken from Kheng, Jack and Dar’s camera! *weeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

Last Saturday… we went to this place called Ocean Park. To be honest. its my first time. ^^

Not a bad place.. but the sea actually drag a lot of lives. So… don play in the sea if possible.

This is the place we stay.. kinda nice right? and its just beside the beach.

We reach there kinda late.. as compared to others bcoz dar need to work during saturday.. when we reach there.. most of them have already settle their mood on the gambling table…! *lalalala* so all the late comers.. we played UNO. *teehehe*

Tu lai Tu ki until almost evening time baru then they kam guan wanna go to the beach.. so the guys went in the dangerous sea and others take photoos!

Our model of the day. Ah Kheng.. tak sabar sabar wanna bcum model neh!

and this picture.. huhuhuhu! jack say girl shud pose like this!!!!! =.=”

Aiyo.. i m running outta words to blog liao.. huhuhuhu! Lets the picture talk!

Our dinner! Price is reasonable.. but the tauke owes scared us with how many ppl die in the sea and so on storrrrries!

Everybody loves beer beer.. hehehe!

Steve love it..

kheng oso love it.. see.. he stil curi curi take pic behind! lalalalala!

Whoever decide to bring cards is a bad decision.. everyone is playin their own cards.. until some of us suggest we shud play games together…

so here is it.. some simple games.. but funny if u r not aware!

It can turn out like this!

We din manage to BBQ bcoz we start the game late and everyone is already not in the BBQ mood.. instead of BBQ-ing.. they decided to take pictures of the stars… *kekee* by then.. i oledi sleep liao lah

Pic of the day! the hoooooodiiiess!!

In the end.. we ended up only BBQ-ing during the afternoon before we check out! muahahaha!

Ooooh! can u seeee meeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See see.. evidence of me helping!! hehe

And its only 4 of us who do the BBQ stuff.. others? continue to win n lose their money! kekeke! I m the honey n butter lady.. dar is the charcoal man and the BBQ “stage” manager. Ken is the chicken wing- poking master (means to poke the chicken wing into the stick la hor) and fabby is the opposite of ken.. which is to take out the ready BBQed chicken wings nah.. *lalalalala*

To end the day not only by eating.. we decided to explore a lil bit of the beach…

lotsa nice nice seashells dar pick for me..

and one kolien dead crab. huhuhu!

oh… kesian kesian….