Penang (Day 1)

Ok.. Vogue delayed and here come all the penang post sinnn.. =) I went to airport at roughly 7pm sth..Waiting for the flight at 8.15pm so.. camwhore! hahaa!!!

We reached penang by 10.40pm! wow!! damn long can? hehe! nvm nvm.. Our hotel is still consider pleasant.. nice beautiful.. clean.. friendly ppl..

BUT Wifi is not provided!! HOW CAN RITE?!!!!! Life without Internet is a NO No ok? Must impRovedddd!

Ok.. there is nth much at the first day as its oledi very dark when we reached here.. First to think of once we reached Penang.. FOODD!!! we are carving for food oledi once we stepped down from the airport. teehehe! 

There is nth much near our hotel so we just simply get a hawker stall for food.. We ordered some so call piggy soup.. hehe! i duno wad is it call la.. sth like a soup with all the piggy parts one..

Hm.. wad can i say? food in penang come in big portion.. Big Portion as in the meat is so much more than the noodles or the kuey tiao or anything lah.. 

And guess what i have in the soup?? PIG BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

YUCKKKKSSSSSSSS!!! This is my first time trying out pig brain and i can say its really an “EUWWW EUWWW” and i wont go and take that any any any more!!!! Omg!! this night is a scary one for me.. =.=”