Permai Trip!

yea! i noe i noe it has been a while.. well.. what can i say.. theres tonnes of assignment to stop me from updating.. hahaha! and i have to take care of my academic blog for my assignment as well.. and uni blog..arrghh!! going crazy!!

Anyway.. I just got the pic of us in permai trip.. so lets post! =)

Oh.. we went to damai puri at FIRST..

Of coz not forgettin to take pics in the toilet! haha! we owes do..

But we ended up at permai bcoz the Damai puri security is kinda like.. hmm.. irritating.. and over protective.. which affect our mood.. haha! so.. think wad? move lo..

yea! finally reach the sea! hohoho! it has been long since i went to beach.. and it has been long since i got myself so so so so so tanned! hahahahha!

Oh.. we even burried lamby.. seee! how nice..

eee.. must pose with her.. she say its cool inside.. hohoho!

All of us..! the ah pek keep on laughin when he is taking the pic.. aduh!

Anyway.. Here’s a random pic of mine.. weeehehe!! i like it.. coz my face is hidden..=)

and guess what.. the main reason i Got so tanned is bcoz i went for kayakin at 12pm sharp. haha!

very regret now hor.. *ngo hou hao fui ar*

And the aftermath!! ha ha ha! When everyone of us got back.. its like.. OMG! haih! i cant believe why do we wanna tanned under the sun.. sedihhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how long do i nid to recover.. *sobx*