Routine Eat-Out

Again.. another non-sleep day.. Yes.. I have been staying awake for the pass 24 hours except the morning 2 hours nap.. hohoho! I am crazy huh! Because of the non-sleep day.. i manage to be awake at 6am for my breakfast.. and you are right.. I make my pancake for breakfast today!! weeeeeehehehehehe!!!!

Remember the pancake mix i bought few few days ago? haha! I baked it this morning! weehehe! Okay.. this are some photo i took when i am half way doing the mix.. =)

Oh.. because i have no yummy maple syrup like what saad said, and I have run out of honey as well.. *pity me* so i decided to fry myself a sunny egg and cheese sausages for breakfast as well.. hoho! i am eating a lot. ^^

I lub u pancake!

Today is definitely a busy day for me.. I have to work in the afternoon and night time as welll.. hmpf.. *busy* and i manage to catch up lo ngiao and pik qii for lunchie…. AND…. dinner.. ahhaha! Oh.. lo ngiao just came back from Ipoh and Cameron Highlands so she bought something for us! weeeee…

lO ngIao and Pik qIi!

See see.. the top one will be strawberry chocolates and the bottom one will be fresh dried strawberries.. from Cameron highlands i assumed… hehe! anyway.. strawberry suits my keren *muacks*

We went to Jadepot for lunch.. Oh. i shud say today is our very unlucky day because the makan place is kinda full and we have to sit outside with the hot sun. =( and.. lo ngiao wanted to order her lo sung soup which she haven eat for long but soi soi… finished oledi.. hahahhaha!! *koliensss*

Here’s some picture of the foodie..

Lao mao’s lo sung tang end up bcum this spicy sour soup! wacky!

My seaweeeD!! but seaweed at Jadepot doesnt taste so nice nah!

Mine!! My dumplings again! haha.. sharing and caring maaaaa.. ^^

Beef soup with dumplings!! ohh!! this one is good.. i love beefff.. mooooooo~~~ but not mine.. *sobx* pik qiii’s

Wooot!!! lao mao’s sweet and sour fish! SHe keep on ordering sweet, spicy and sour food since she came back from Ipoh and Cameron Highlands.. *evil grinss*

The aftermath under the hot sunny day =.=” ! look how much we have eaten.. hoho! we are discussing about swimming while we are eating these.. haha! cant imagine neh! Anyway.. i am so so so not happie with the waiter and waitresses there!! They promised to call us in when there tables inside but i keep on seeing almost 6 tables of people leaving ( of coz different time la ) and there is one guy who pointed to the waitress to let us in but damn her!!! Instead of asking us in.. we allows others new comers customers to dine in! I am so irritated! And when lastly she wanted to ask us iN! we just simply rejected.. we oledi omos finish our food la hor stupid! kek si wa!! I feel like taking my dumplings to wipe in on her face!! hahaha! *ganas neh* –hate hate hate! sobx!! because of her.. we all sweat sweat eat outside under the hot sun.. koliensssss! haiz!!!

Yeah.. okay..bla bla bla bla bla.. i went to work… and bla bla bla.. i finished my work.. but i still have another class at night and the other tuition center is just behind the previous one so i decided to just go for a dinner near there instead of going home.. Save petrol bah.. >.<” Today can say a very soi day for us lo.. at first.. we cant get in the air con place for lunch.. Soi… for dinner.. we planned to go coocooron but it is not opened!!! soi doubled!!! and we ended up going to Singapore Chicken Rice at Satok because its near and got aircon but who noes.. when we went inside.. they actually din not open the air con.. NOR fan.. soi tripled! hahaha!! *kolien*

However, after so much complaining.. we still manage to enjoy our dinner la..except that lao mao’s vege is kia si lang salty and pik qii’s milo is yao xiu de sweet.. mine is ok.. hahaha!

This is the kia si lang salty vege..

Here’s some not very appealing and just ok nice chicken rice..

My little cup of coffee to make me stay awake for the night class.. weee~

I reached home at 10pm because my class finished at 9.40pm.. sobx! I should be rushing to bed once i got home but wonder why i am still very energic blogging here.. WAHA!!

Oh.. here’s one song.. enjoy ur midnight! ^^

Ahem.. just to clarify.. well.. he is not my favourite artist.. but i just think this song is kinda nice when u listen a slowly. ^^


Guess wad.. i missed my breakfast again!! haha!! where is my pancake?!!! huhuhu!! no ma.. punteng wana do it on monday but bcoz mummy bake chicken pie so we all have chicken pie for monday’s morning.. tuesday? tuesday i feel like eating mee goreng ma.. so delay lo.. sowee nah pancake.. and wednesday.. which is today.. i don have class to teach on the morning and afternoon so i sleep until i song and wake up at 3am.. hahahah!!!!!!

Today is a very very messy day.. i have to clean so much of my things.. Argh.. don wan mentioned liao.. sobx! And i locked myself in the carpark!! arrrgh!!!!!!! i wanted to go out but i lock myself at the carpark.. i could drive away as well because the gate is locked!! i knot go in.. i knot go out.. arggh!! and lastly.. i have to climb my gate.. so pai sei ar!! the “grandma” opposite my house and beside my house are like looking at me.. when i half way climbing!!! argh!! duno when they just pop out.. so i jumped down my gate and i fall down.. *sobxx* so soi.. and of coz.. i run to my back door. and i climb the gate in again.. luckily this time no ppl see me.. haha!!

Now.. heres the thing.. i need to open the back gate.. oopss!! should’nt write down how hard i try if not ppl would just use the same method and go in my hus! hahah! well.. in the process.. dupy which is IN the house is like looking at me who is OUTSIDE the house.. eeiks!! dupy!!! next time i wanna train u get key liao! haiz! but anyway.. i manage to get in after 35 minutes. sobx! Ok… now.. rush to clean my things and i drive to the laundry.. where i wanted to go at first.. haha! so why am i going to laundry anyway!! weehehe! tell u later at the end of my postings. *winks*

Okie.. after finish all my messy stuff.. its like 5pm oledi.. i have my breakfast+lunch+dinner together!! haha!! and i am having salad vege and my favourite mummy’s special sauce pork with rice! *weehehe*

See!! yummy!!!!!

Tonight i am having a class.. Form 4 and Form 5 modern maths.. i have 7 students in my class.. one Form 4, 5 Form 5 and 1 Form 5 add maths.  hahaha! well.. I marked a lot of things today.. what i can say is.. the time pass fast! *lala* happie for me!

Here’s some random pics i took to kill my boredomm… ^^

Yes.. first thing first!! Online and gossip with my bro.. haha! that blink blink thing is my mouse.. obviously =.=”

LOook who is here with me!!! I love BiBi!!!!

OKay.. back to the previous thing… Why did i go to the laundry?!! hahaha!!



I bring PUPU to dry cleaning!!!! hahahaha!!

See.. one toy! haha!! Pupu is a soft toy la hor.. and it cost me RM 8 for her *winks*

OOpsss.. btw.. who is Pupu?!!!

Well.. she is one of my sweetie toy soft from daddy few years back! *muaccks*

Here she is..

The Big Enormous pinky one! pupu!!! i missed u oledi here.. I cant sleep without u in my bed la. *sobx*

Anyway.. PuPu will come back clean clean in 2 days time! *cant wait*

I worked! =(

Wee~ after the whole half-month relaxing holidays.. I finally decided that i should go and earn some pocket money for myself.. =) Yes.. 1st of July.. its the best day to start my work.. wuakakaka!

Well, for myself, i wan to earn some money but i don wan to work on long hours.. long hours mean will be working at morning til nite time la.. like standing in the shopping mall and so on.. secondly, i don wan a very stress out job.. like you have to hit some targets and so on.. come on.. how will i wanna stress out myself just for a part time job during my semester holidays rite? =) Thirdly, i don wan to make myself dirty during the working time.. wuahaha! i am very gao hiam one.. coz its holidays ma.. i actually plan not to work for the whole 2 months holidays but i am really too bored at home… i can finished a set of hongkong drama within a few days.. probably the most will be 4 days.. so what for.. and if i have nth to do, i will be eating, watching my drama and lying on my bed.. OHHH!!! this will help me get fatter!!! so bo pian lor.. find some work to do lor.. hiak hiak!

Well… after listed out all the fussy thing i don wan to do for my part time job.. i left a very few option.. So what else better can i do? yea yea! u are right!!! I am going to give ppl tuition~ tuition can learn a lot and the most importantly is.. the working hours is short and I have plenty of experience in this field so i can get a job quite easily! *weehehe* happy!! God bless me oso.. its all timing…! how would a tuition center wan to hire a part time one month tutor rite? haha!! its timing!!! God bless God bless..

I am currently working at two different tuition center.. Both two are at green road area.. which is near pik qi working place.. wuahaha! I can go lunch with her almost everyday ^^! My working hours are basically afternoon time and evening time.. I am teaching primary school students all subject in the afternoon at tuition center A and I am teaching Form 4 and Form 5 modern maths and Form 1 science in the evening time at Tuition center B.. wuakaka! i am very variety rite? *winks*

Despite all the reasons.. i have to wake up early today!!! 1st of July.. so in order for me to be able to wake up early.. i decided not to sleep! hahah!! and of coz.. i didnt sleep for the whole nite until the morning until the afternoon and until the evening when i get home.. and of coz.. i jumped into my bed right after i reach home and i slept til now. hahahahahah!!!

Anyway.. good news!! Because of my din-sleep-strategy.. i managed to eat  my breakfast!!! WWWWOHOOHOHO!!!!! I cooked myself a maggie brand mee goreng with a cheese sausage and my very delicious scambled egg!! weeheheheh!!! i love eggies!

A good and successfully morning with breakfast! Yeah! Okay.. why am i so early today.. coz this is the first day of my working day so i need to go to the tuition center B  to see how the lecturer teach the students.. I mean the style la.. haha! it is easy~ I reach there at cun cun 8am because of the stupid traffic jam all along the way.. but luckily the teacher which I need to meet up together is far more late then me. haha! he reached at 8.15am.. wuakakaka!! I m fast! *woot*

A good way to manage my time during traffic jams! *lalalala* coz of the blurness lor. so i nid to use some effect.. *haiz*

Finished up everything quickly and i m in my own tomolo ^^ Go to look for hui sze which is just behind the tuition center.. gossip a lot with her and we watch korean drama in her office. ahahaha! We waited til 12pm and we decided to go for lunch because i have another appointment with the teacher in tutition center A so i have to be early at the first day.. too bad lee kiat cant join us because of my too-rush 1pm class. =(

Anyway.. we went to lao lee for lunch.. wow! its has been ages since i went there.. last time when i was still at secondary sch.. can say i went there at least 3 times a week.. my sch is just opposite ma.. and we owes have extra class in the afternoon. =) S.M.K Green Road I say. Okok! back to my lunch topic.. these are our lunchie!

Hui sze a.k.a Pik qi’s tomato Kueh diao..

My porriage! weehehe! my last time very favourite.. Pork porriage with raw egg and century egg!! It still taste nice but last time taste better because last time the pork balls are round and cute but now.. the pork ball pork is not in ball shape but rather just “scatter” around the porriage.. hahaha!! Well, this is my lunch for my first day work.. cant complain much la~

More updates for tomolo.. i wanna sleep liao jor. +.+

Chaos! *muaks*

Revamp bloggie


Its 5.24 now!! I should be sleeping by now instead of online online online and online! No when i have to wake up by 8.00am for my first day of part time job!!! maybe there isn’t any “wake ups” at all..arrrgh!!!! how how how?

Yes.. i am starting my part time tomolo.. God bless me for i have to work for the morning and afternoon class.. please blessed me with shinning strong eyes.. hahahahaha!!! Oh.. i m surfing on the net looking for suitable theme for my blog..

Its time to revamp my bloggie.. its so messy now and i am so not happie with the layout for this theme.. sobx.. I have been looking into i think roughly 17 plus website for the theme and yet… not founded yet. *sobx*

Anyone.. i would be extremely happie if u know any url for wordpress theme.. *watery eyes*

Ok ok la.. just bla-ing ma.. nth to do mah.. haiz.. haiz..


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