Today & Yesterday

Last night i have been busy watching my entertainment show until I have no time to write new posting for my bloggie.. wuaHaHa..

Today ^^

Day two for my diet plan.. did i have my breakfast? Hmm.. aiyo.. obviously failed la.. but i think i got an early brunch la.. so its still ok… need to suit myself mar~~~~ Went to pick mummy at 11.30am this morning and went to meet papa here his office there for brunch.. we went to some old kopitiam selling bak kut teh and pork leg rice.. well.. i heard that the pork leg rice is quite delicious there so we went..

Nah.. this is the kopitiam.. its somewhere near tun jugah? Oh.. kinda far la.. it is located beside Junction cafe.. which is the next next building of the OLD last time upwell building.. roughly that row la.. its at the corner so its kinda easy to find..

We order pork leg rice obviously.. it comes with a bowl of curry, the pork leg soup and delicious chilli.. and of coz.. The best one wil be the main dish la.. —- the pork leg rice set!!! wuaKakaka!! I don really know the exact price of it.. but its RM 20 plus plus for 3 ppl share plus 2 drinks.

And after our brunch.. we went to deal with some banking stuff and wooff~ we went shopping.. First, went to DIY to buy some ingredients and mound for pastry baking!! weehehe! then we head to boulevard..

I was so extremely excited when i saw this!!!

HaHa.. yes! its Natto! Some famous sticky soya beans from Japan.. Crayon Shin Chan favourite’s.. remember? haha.. i owes saw in the comic and i owes wonder how it would test like.. Yes.. i have never eaten this b4 and i m curious!! its only cost RM 6.35 for 3 packages.. well.. of coz i owes wanted to try.. but as i noe.. people say that it actually taste like feet! OMG!! FEET?? haha.. the concept is like “Chou Dou Fu” aka “smelly bean curd” from taiwan.. If you like it.. then u will love it.. if u don like it.. it is actually extremely smelly and vomitting.. this is the reason i have not buy YET.. i am waiting for my brother to either come back or i buy to visit him so we can try together.. HAHAHA!! We’ll see!

Yesterday ^^

Yesterday I went to play bowling at Riverside.. OMG.. i can tell u the price there is really cheap.. RM 2 for a game.. i remember last time i go to the BDC Crystal bowl they actually charges RM 10!! so incredibly different!! Well.. of coz i duno how to play.. just messing around.. I played 2 round and u noe wad.. ITs so siao li!! so pai sei.. I only scored 33 points for the first round and 57 at the second round.. means a lot of times go longkang la.. haiz.. ppl normally can always score 100 points one u noe.. i haven even half.. arrrghh!! haha!!!! nvm.. i m just not good in it.. wuaKaKa!!

Well.. thats not my lucky ball.. my lucky ball is orangey pinkish.. argh!! i should take with my lucky ball!!!!!!

Also, i saw this at Hock lee! OMG!! ANYONE~~~ CAN YOU BUY THIS FOR ME?!!!! its so so so cute!! Its actually something which is for you to store your toilet rolls.. what i mean is.. u put ur toilet roll in the piglet body and….

SEe the nose? haha!! so cute!!

You actually can pull out toilet papers from the mouth nose.. hahah! so cute~ so look like bibi! *kiss* I dunoo how much it is.. don have price one.. i have seen a lot of this actually.. especially in KL but i can say tis one is the cutest i have seen!! I WAN!!!!!

I WAN!!!!!

Some random day ^^

I remember i try this dress when i went shopping with lo Ngiao at Hock Lee center one boring afternoon.. haha!

I finally got butt! so kiao gok~ *WUAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA*

Diet Plan?

Omg!! i cant believed i actually wrote 3 postings within these 4 hours.. hahaha!

As most of you know, i have been writing in my msn pm message saying that i m “planning” to go for a diet last last week right after my exams.. BUT.. ahahaha!!! well.. i will start SOON.. ^^ Btw, because of the jagung i consumed everyday.. i actually lose 1kg oledi! *applaused* weehehee! happie! ahem ahem.. anyway.. back to today’s topic..!

This evening, i saw a article about how to go for a workable and effective diet.. Well.. I am not sure whether it works but it sounds reasonable for me.. and its very simple.. So now, i am going to share with all of you and hopefully i will start tomolo~ *winks*

There are actually 5 major steps and facts that we should follow:

  1. Do more exercise.. Do at least 30 minutes a day.. even if its walking, its absolutely fine. =)
  2. Drink at least 8 big cups of plain water.. 8 cups of water (2l) will actually helps you to dissolve 100 calori per day.. *additional: drink some green tea or red tea (a lot of ppl might think drinkin tea will help as it helps to wash away the fat) well, tea helps is actually bcoz tea contain caffeine which helps to dissolve carbonhyrate.*
  3. Eat your breakfast!!!! Never skip ur breakfast which i owes do… Eat as much breakfast as you can as it will not even contributed to any fatness! Also, when you are on diet.. you can eat a lot of meals but little portion in every meals..
  4. Do not do too extreme exercise once you wake up.. Conclude:when you wake up.. all you have to do is eat your breakfast and forget about exercise..*hehe* no la.. jus do a bit of walking lah~
  5. Do not over sleep! a lot of ppl will sleep til afternoon time  especially during holidays.. Some may even sleep til like 4pm in the afternoon like me.. it is not good.. so.. stop tomolo. >.<

So.. these are 5 of the basic ones for mild diet plan… believe it or not? i am not sure but i m going to try tomolo.. haha! i still have 4kg to lose.. so we’ll see.. *grin*

So.. weehehe!!! jia you jia you!!


I came across thEse days before and they are super cutez! See…..

The Pink one is Seow Chio Bu.. means little beauty! haha!! she is so cute!! and the Green one..! Omg!! super cutez!! look like my brother eh~ haha.. Green one is Sotong Boyz.. the meaning given is “blur like duno wad”.. haha.. doesnt mean my bro blur like duno what hor.. only the look! so cute!!

U see U see.. when they stand together.. the pink one actually look like me!! hohoho! *shy* and the green one like my bro.. haha! so cute so cute so cute!!!!

For more characters.. Check out here!

Click Here:

I am learning photoshop!

Gosh.. i just learn how to use photoshop the day before and it is like.. wow.. its killing me actually.. very complicated for beginners like me.. sobx..! When i looked at xiaxue’s clicknet TV teaching people how to use photoshop.. i was like.. wow.. actually it is quite easy, BUT when i really came into it.. I m stuck!!! Xiaxue is impressive!!

So far, i only know how to use the “Artistic” function… which is to make ur photo into different effects.. *like my header* and also.. how to type in words.. *well.. this is kinda too common basic lah!* haiz.. Today, i decide to try on doing watermarks for my photos using photoshop.. Congrats me!! Congrats me!!!! after a long whinning evening i looked into the net. i finally learned to make the simple one.. but still.. the one i desired.. which is the 3D look-alike watermarks are still no where to be seen.. sobx!! its so complicated.. i don even noe where to find the tools and options.. *fainted*

Help help help help……

I am looking for some photoshop expert to teach me on the watermarks.. and also how to edit the words nice nice.. basically i only wanna learn this two lar.. wuakakaka!! Fabby is pro in photoshop.. maybe i shud ask her somehow.. =) *lalalala*

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