Just a little sip of me..

People tend to say that if you are sad, you can write good stuff.. but is it true? I am not sure.. but i believed that when you are sad, you can write a lot.. a lot more than when you are happie. I guess its just a human nature because when you are sad, you have more to express in words. Today is a very significant day for me. VERY. What can i say.. am i sad? am i depressed? am i not happie? am i disappointed? am i hurt? Yes.. all of it.. yes i am. I do not know how to write everything down but really.. i am torn into pieces.

I somehow feel that life is very unpredictable.. i know i should have realized it earlier.. “There is nothing perfect in this world, you cant have both, ones has to forgo in order to get another..” It is phrase really applicable to everything in life? I m confused. I m not sure.. Sometimes, i will feel that i am not important at all..

Because of this, i decided to start my 4th blog today. To note down everything in my life and i will see how it goes and how it changes.  Today is 23 June 2008. I will remember today. Many will wonder why am i writing these saddy stuff in my introduction? well, i can only say that this is the only way i can actually blahz out all the things i am sad in. Yes, blog is something like an electronic dairy.. days by days, any little special things happen, sad or happie, you can just write it here. Same as me, i choose to have a blog because there is no other way i can say everything out. I m not good in sharing sad things.. i can easily burst into tears so writing may be the correct option for me.

And today.. i officially started my 4th personal blog. A little sip of me.. a little piece inside of me.. Some pieces that you cant even see it in me.. it is as minor as i uses “a sip”.. just a little sip.. When one day when you finally realized this blog.. or you will never.. i hope you know what i actually feel and how miserable i am. Sometimes.. things just cant be expressed out verbally…

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