Tainan Travel Guide 2 : Anping Old Street, WuSheng Night Market, Du Xiao Yue, Lan Yang Yang Minsu 安平老街,武圣夜市,度小月,懒洋洋民宿

So if you have not read my previous blog post on Tainan Must Eat, please click here:

Tainan Must Eat

Last November, we flew to Kaohsiung from Singapore. We reach Kaohsiung airport and immediately bought a train ticket to Tainan, which is less than an hour ride from Kaohsiung. Our itinerary for this Taiwan trip will be Tainan – Chiayi – Kaohsiung and thats explain why we decided to go to Tainan as our first stop.

Transportation is easy in Taiwan, you can easier travel from one region to another via the high speed train or a normal train. And what they always say; grab a train bento before you board the train!

The train bento turned out to be not as impressive as the convenient store food. I guess I would give it a pass next time. Oh, just in case you are wondering, i had pork chop rice.

We arrived shortly and then checked in to our minsu aka Taiwanese style airbnb. I highly recommended this place because of the excellent 9/10 location to all the major food street and the owner is beyond friendly and helpful. She guided us to all major eateries and even bought us her favourite cake. Most importantly, she is good in taking pictures and will offer to take pictures for us all the time. Thanks Mama Yang! Here’s the link to the accommodation.

After tonnes of photo session, we went to the famous restaurant in Tainan — Du Xiao Yue. They have a lot of branches all across Taiwan but Tainan is the originality of Du Xiao Yue, so lets go!

We ordered 8 dishes to start off this Tainan trip…

  1. Signature shoulder pole noodle 度小月担子面

The name of the noodle came from the way it was served 100 years ago. They used to sell this noodle at the shoulder pole cart ages ago so they remain the culture and set up the noodles cooking station just like before at the main entrance of the shop.

Today, the improved version of Danzi Noodles consist of beansprout, cilantro, minced garlic paste, vinegar, prawn and homemade special minced pork paste. I personally love this and will definitely come back for more

2. Minced Pork Rice 卤肉饭

3. Pork Oil Rice 猪油拌饭

4. Baked Karasumi/Baked salted mullet roe 乌鱼子

Karasumi is a food product made by salting the mullet roe and drying it under the sun. This is one of the specialty in Taiwan as well. Karasumi is consider one of the rich man food.

How does it taste? Its salty and slightly a little bit fishy. If you cant take fishy food, you wont like this. I think its ok to have a lil bit of this but too much ended up too overpowering. I can feel like my mouth is full of raw fishes. hahaha!

5. Fried Intestine stuffed with Onion 酥炸肥肠

Not too bad. One of the disadvantages for small group eater is that… the portion is very big

6. Pepper and salt prawn balls 椒盐虾球

7. Grilled MilkFish 碳烤虱目鱼

My personal favourite goes to the grilled milk fish. Being the top fish in Tainan, you can never go wrong with grilled milk fish. Milk fish is soft and fat. Perfect amount of fish fat melting in your mouth. Must try!

8. Signature Beancurd Pudding 度小月豆花

We end our meal with their signature beancurd pudding. Smooth and not overly sweet!

We then went back to our apartment to have a rest before starting our food hunt again. Flying can be tiring sometimes so its best to have enough rest so you can fully enjoy the trip

We continue our food hunt around evening time at the famous local food street — Guo Hua Street. I’ve dedicated a special post for the food street here. Most of the stall is closed by then so we came back the next morning for breakfast before proceeding to our day 2 plan.

After our breakfast, we went to another popular area in Tainan known as the Anping District aka the anping fort. The place is huge but we can easily find our starting route — The An ping old street! Food always came first!

We saw this very cute ice cream vendor selling ice cream with a game. You just need to spin the roulette to see if you are entitled free scoops of ice cream.

And tada!! lucky me. I hit the bingo which is 2 extra scoops of ice cream!

Then we came across this crackers shop selling hot press seafood crackers. So basically they hot press the whole seafood in a machine and made it into huge cracker!

I had prawn cracker!

Grilled Pork Stick

This is one good stuff and we bought quite a few flavor to try! High recommended

And we came across this fresh guava juice. Please buy! We ended up buying 5 bottles of this.

They have a map for the whole an ping area and you just need to walk to your preferred route to try the food that you desire

One of the thing that we want to try is the almond tofu pudding.

Not the best but its ok!

and then to the must try raw beef soup at an ping district – Ah Chai Beef Soup 阿财牛肉汤

We ordered the signature local freshly sliced raw beef soup. Like the Tainan style, they poured the hot soup into a bowl of freshly sliced raw beef and violaaa! The verdict is that all the meat they used for this type of raw beef soup never went through the freezing process.

Means they slaughter the cow and they use the meat immediately. That is why the beef is sweet and crunchy.

Braised beef noodles. Its ok for me because i don fancy braised beef noodles.

Minced pork rice. Everywhere in Taiwan!

We took a walk nearby and enjoy the scenery. also for the food to digest. Too much food need some walking too.

And lastly… The an ping fort! Bye bye anping. There are still a lot of delicacies at Anping district such as fish skin soup and so on but our tummy is just too full.

Back to our apartment, took a rest and off to the night market in Kaohsiung. I love night markets… and maybe thats the reason why you will see night markets at every different region I visited.

There’s a slogan in Tainan for the operating days of their night markets. Unlike most of the region in Taiwan, not all of their night markets open daily, so they have to use the slogan to remember which night markets open on which day.

【 大大武花大武花 】for 【Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun】

Mon – 大东夜市 Da Dong Night Market
Tue – 大东夜市 Da Dong Night Market
Wed – 武圣夜市 Wu Sheng Night Market
Thu – 花园夜市 Garden Night Market
Fri – 大东夜市 Da Dong Night Market
Sat – 武圣夜市 Wu Sheng Night Market
Sun – 花园夜市 Garden Night Market

So people went to the respective night market on different days. It was Wednesday night so we went to Wu Sheng Night Market.

  1. Fried Meat 爆肉

A simple deep fried meat but its so tender. Surprisingly good.

2. Fried dough coated with sugar 白糖糕

A very traditional childish snack in Tainan. Just a simple fried dough coated with sugar. You cant get this anywhere in other parts of Taiwan. I love this a lot. Simple yet addictive

3. Glutinous rice sausage with grilled Taiwanese sausage 大肠包小肠

Well known and widely broadcast among TV shows, this particular stall sell glutinous rice sausage and grilled taiwanese sausage.

You can add the sides such as marinated onions and cucumber at your own liking.

4. Baked Drumstick in kiln 土窑鸡腿

The selling point of the drumstick is baking them in a kiln. Its much tender and juicy as normal oven baked chicken

5. Pumpkin balls 地瓜球

Pumpkin balls is a perfect snack while scrolling at night market. Its very hollow at the same time sweet and fluffy.

6. Grilled Oyster 烤鲜蚵

7. Braised chicken parts 卤味

There’s a stall selling all the braised chicken parts. I’ve tried chicken comb many years ago which i do not like but decided to give it a try again.

Texture is soft and gummy and I still do not like it. HAHAHAHA

8. Duck Specialty shop 东山鸭头

Fried Duck Head! I like!

And this ended our night here. My travel is always full of food! <3

till then!

Tainan Travel Guide 1 : Tainan Travel Guide 1 : Tainan Must Eat @ Guo Hua Food Street and Nearby

Tainan Travel Guide 1 : Tainan Must Eat @ Guo Hua Food Street and Nearby

I will be dividing Tainan Travel Guide into 3 parts : (1) Tainan Must Eat at the utmost famous Guo Hua Street, (2) Where we went on the second day + night market and (3) Exploring Tainan city area + night market. It basically covers the most of Tainan if you are aiming for a 3 to 4 days short trip. 

So the most impressive and highly recommended place to sample all the Tainan local food will be at Guo Hua Street (国华街). A busy and packed street that is full of local eateries and somehow is a 1 stop place if you want to try all the must eat in Tainan. It is opened from as early as 5am or some even earlier to some stalls that operated until 11pm and so. But for Tainan, it is best to wake up early because most of the food is only available early in the day time. So here we go, starting off with Guo Hua Street!

So Guo Hua street is a very long straits of street full of local delicacies and must eat Tainan food, if you only have 1 day in Tainan, this will be the place to go: 

1. 富川麻薯 Fu Chuan Assorted Mochi ♥♥

Located along the alley from the way we stay. Not bad but not the best

2. 永和烧肉饭 Yong He Roasted Meat ♥♥

Everyone recommends this one but i like meat with thick meat. This one is slightly on the thin side but the marinated sauce is quite decent. Its slightly a little little bit dry for me.

3. 金得春卷 Spring Roll ♥♥♥

Not a big fan of fresh spring roll but this is good, the queue is long and the ingredients are so fresh. They stuffed in a variety of stir fry vegetables with some peanuts and sugar. Yums and refreshing.

4. 富盛号 Chinese rice pudding ♥♥♥♥♥

Definitely one of the must try in Guo Hua Street! One of my favourite! Its actually steamed rice pudding with meat and mushroom inside, served with savoury sauce with a pinch of sweetness. You can add garlic or wasabi sauce on top of it. Add on a bowl of soup and it says perfection

5. 阿松割包 Pig Tongue Bun with Peanut sauce ♥

I had a very high expectation on this because all the TV shows has been recommending this. This is most probably the only, or the most popular place to have sliced pig tongue served in a steamed bun accompanied by pickled vege and peanut sauce. I don’t really like it because it has a slight piggy odour on it. But i can see the locals love it a lot. 

6. 好味红烧土托鱼羹 Spanish Mackerel Thick Soup ♥♥♥♥♥

A simple dish like this sparks my day! Tainan is famous for 2 types of fishes (1) Milk Fish and (2) spanish mackerel. This hearty bowl of thick soup comprises fried Spanish mackerel fish, cabbages and bamboo shoots. Slightly sour to keep  you craving for more. 

7. 石精臼蚵仔煎 Oyster Omelette Pancake ♥♥♥

Taiwan has too many delicious oyster omelette pancake that makes you hard to choose for the best. I definitely love this one

8. 永乐牛肉汤 Raw beef Soup ♥♥♥♥

As simple as a hot soup pouring down a handful of sliced raw beef. Tainan specialty that you gotta try. The beef is so fresh that you can eat it by just letting it to cook with the soup for about 10 seconds! Texture wise, i would say crispy. Normally you will describe beef as juicy or tender but this one is crispy. I guess this is why raw beef soup is so famous in Tainan ya. I can never imagine how people would describe it as crispy on Taiwan TV show until i actually tried myself. Now i get what they mean.

9. 老面挂包 Steamed bun with pork ♥♥

Its decent but nothing to shout about

10. 炸蛋葱油饼 Fried Egg Scallion Pancake ♥

Too greasy for my liking. I cant taste anything. T.T

11. 春蚵爹 Fried Oyster Ball ♥♥

It will be much better if they have more oysters instead of the veg. 😀

12. 修安扁担豆花 Tofu Pudding ♥♥♥♥♥

So good that we had this every night during our stay in Tainan. The texture is smooth and silky, not too sweet, just right. You can either eat it plain with brown sugar or be generous with variety of toppings!
Like this! I personally loveeee the fresh cooked yam and peanuts. So soft and mushy! Oh oh oh! Love it!! They are opened until late night so… supper time!

13. 阿娟肉粽 Glutinous Meat Dumplings ♥♥♥♥♥

Full marks for this one!!! At first we did really intended to try but when we walked pass the shop, the queue is freaking long; early in the morning. So this caught our attention and it turn out it was the best choice to queue for it! The meat is flavourful with every grain of rice packed with all the essence of the pork and sauce, steamed to perfection — Soft and almost melted in your mouth! Amen!!!!!

14. 吻饡糖半熟乳酪塔 Melting Cheese Tart ♥♥♥♥

Cheese lover would love this. Creamy and Cheesy!

15. 布莱恩红茶 Roasted Red Tea ♥♥♥♥

You can either the roasted red tea or roasted red tea with milk. I absolutely adore both. The tea flavor is aromatic and the milk is creamy. Stop by and grab one when you are feasting

16. 蜷尾家甘味处散步甜食 Home made soft serve ♥♥♥♥♥

One of the famous must eat at Guo Hua Street. They serve different flavours everyday so you will need to go there to find out. I had it for 2 days and both flavor is a bomb! Too good to be true. I had sea salt soft serve and sesame soft serve on the next day. It is worth every single cent and every minute of queue and that is how good it is. 
Oh, its already an iconic must eat place in the area. People taking selfie with it.. like me! Please try!

And one more! An ice cream a day keeps the doctor away!

17. 邱家小卷米粉 Vermicelli soup with squid ♥♥♥♥

A very simple dish, vermicelli with fresh squid. The dish is solely based on the freshness of the squid. The soup is sweet and the squid is just al dente as if it just came out from the sea. The shop is normally packed with people but lucky for us, we went during the very odd hours weekday. But unfortunately they ran out of squid eggs already. 
Highly recommended! 

18. 碳烤旗鱼甜不辣 Bbq fish cakes ♥♥♥

I love it when everything is so fresh. The fish cakes or they called it taiwan tempura is BBQ and served with their special salt and pepper. 

19. 炸鸡洋行 Fried Chicken ♥♥♥♥

Tainan food is always slightly sweet as compared to the other part of Taiwan. This fried chicken is sooo famous until it triggers my curiosity to hunt for it. It left me even puzzled when I saw the queue there regardless what time the day was.
The first day I went, the queue is so long and suddenly the vendor said they are sold out. It was around 3pm. The second day I went early in the morning and waited until the stall is open. By the time I reach there even before the they start operating, the queue is already formed. Why!

And so I queued until I get it! Now i know why it is so popular. Regardless the size of the meat, it is always juicy and tender. The skin has a very thin layer of batter on it but crunchy enough to caught everyone’s heart. Most importantly, it has a very light hints of sweetness on the skin. Oh nom nom nom nom! Perfect for lunch dinner and supper! 

20. 纯意仁 Barley Dessert ♥♥♥

It is a beautiful place with beautiful dessert. The specialty is a bowl of unsweetened barley topped with some red beans and a bowl of green tea mochi balls. The verdict of the dessert is to eat it as it is first then pour the green tea mochi balls to eat with it. 

Apart from Guo Hua Street, there are also some must eat food that you can reach with just a few minutes walk around the area. Featuring Must eat food nearby Guo Hua Street : 

1. 阿憨咸粥  Local Fresh Porridge (Ah Han) ♥♥♥

Tainan is well known for their local fresh porridge that consist of mostly fresh seafood especially the Tainan no.1 milk fish. It is more like a watery rice soup with all the fresh seafood and a sliced of milk fish belly. Simple yet delicious, the porridge stall has been operating its business for over 50 years and was featured in discovery channel as one of the most iconic dishes in Tainan. You can also opt for the milk fish version as the rice soup is only filled with milk fish related parts. A bowl of milk fish skin soup is also their must order.

2. 刘家肉粽 Chinese Meat Dumplings ♥♥♥

One of the famous meat dumplings specialty shop in Tainan. Their traditional way of eating the meat dumplings is with a scoop of crushed peanuts, lots of cilantro and their special sauce; unlike in Malaysia we eat it just plain like this. I like the Tainan version more because both crushed peanuts and cilantro is my favourite! haha

We ordered a few more things to test, Miso soup with fried dough which is just mediocre, braised noodles not to my liking, glutinous rice with shredded pork and minced pork and steamed rice pudding with pork and mushroom which i love. Averagely the food is good but not as impressive as the ones i had at Guo Hua Street. However, good thing is you can tried all of it here if you are short of time.

Most of the shop in Tainan is only written in chinese character so I always posted the shop signboard just in case for reference. 

3. 丹丹汉堡 Fast Food Chain ♥♥♥

Its Tainan version of Mcd with a twist. We were quite full by then so we only ordered 1 set to try. Not bad but if to recommend, i would recommend the set with a local twist. They have hamburger set with oyster vermicelli. Try that!

4. 阿辉炒鳝鱼 Stir Fried Eel Noodles ♥♥♥

Tainan’s local dishes, stir fried eel noodles. I am a big fan of eel in Japanese Cuisine (Unagi) but not too fancy with this particular dish. Dont get me wrong, it is delicious, its a bit of a sweet side with very crunchy eel slices but i dont love it as much as my Unagi. Hahahaa its just a personal preference thing

5. 悦津咸粥 Local Fresh Porridge (Yue Jin) ♥♥♥♥

Recommended by the locals, I prefer this much more than the [1. 阿憨咸粥  Local Fresh Porridge (Ah Han)]. For me, the bowl of rice soup here is more flavorful. They have more variety of side dishes to go with it and the milk fish here is fattier. I like fat milk fish. 

Its easy to find and its nearer to Guo Hua Street. Do come and try!

6. 度小月 Du Xiao Yue (Tainan Local Specialty Restaurant) ♥♥♥♥

If you mentioned about Tainan, everyone will say Du Xiao Yue. Its like an icon in Tainan, a shop that served all the authentic tainan dishes.

I think I will do a blog post for this restaurant so for now, I will just touched on their signature dish — Dan Zai Noodle. A braised pork noodle with minced garlic and bean sprout. Read more in a separate post. 

7. 矮仔成虾仁饭 Shrimp Rice ♥♥♥♥♥

Regardless the distance, please go and try this dishes! You will not regret. Its a simple rice dish with shrimp but it is so delicious that one bowl will not satisfy you. The queue is long, the portion is small and the shrimp portion is small as well but you have to try it. The rice is cooked with a special soup until all the soup is absorb into the rice so when you devour the rice, it is still very moist and packed with flavor. The shrimp they use is the fire shrimp which is extremely sweet and al dente. The only thing is that… the shrimp portion is too small. This is mostly due to the long term shortage of the fire shrimp. 

Listen to me! no regrets! Highly highly recommended!

8. 阿文猪心 Pork Heart Vermicelli ♥♥

The way Tainan vendor prepare their food is with the minimal of cooking method and marination. They present their food in a simplest way with the freshest ingredient. I think they like their food to be eaten as natural as possible. This pork heart vermicelli is served as simple as it looks. A hearty bowl of clear soup with boiled pork heart slices. Pork heart is fresh and the dipping sauce adds more flavor to it. Not my favourite but its alright.

Here’s a simple map created by me so you can have a look at where the food vendor is. I am happy with my map because i think it looks so much better than the one i generated last time. hahahahahaha! 

I hope my version of map helps. Most of the food is nearby or within 15 mins of walk. the one I circled with a pink patch is where I stayed called 懒洋洋 (lan yang yang) hostel. I highly recommended it and will provide more information on the hostel. 

And lastly, I would like to say thank you to a very supportive reader Gina. I felt encouraged and loved every time I saw your comment. Thank you for always be around. Big love for you! At least I know someone is still reading my blog <3<3<3 I haven been replying the comment because of some access problem. I am fixing it already. See you soon!


Next Post : Tainan Travel Guide 2 : Anping Old Street, WuSheng Night Market, Du Xiao Yue, Lan Yang Yang Minsu 安平老街,武圣夜市,度小月,懒洋洋民宿

40 hours Christmas in Singapore : Putien & Dian Xiao Er Must Eat

November 2018 : A quick Singapore spree before flying off to Taiwan

Long story cut short! Lets see how we spend our 40 hours in Singapore! 

1pm : Off to my favourite restaurant “Putien”, a one Michelin star restaurant in Singapore. We went to the one at Vivocity so we can have a stroll at the rooftop after the meal.

I wanted to order everything in the menu…. *clap clap*

Drunken cockles SGD 10.90 Probably the freshest cockles i’ve had. I love how they served the cockles on top of a bed of alcohol goodness. Awww aww aww

Iced bitter gourd SGD 7.90 Served chilled and crunchy. Dipped in the sweet chilli. Absolutely a 100% must order starter

Deep-fried duck with yam SGD 17.90 Yam + Duck = Love

Putien Sweet & Sour Pork with Lychees SGD 14.90

Putien Lor Mee SGD 10.90 I’ve always love heng hua dishes. It is as if you are slurping a combination of all the goodness from pork, prawn, clam and all the veges that are braised in hours. Highly recommended too!

Putien Crispy Oysters SGD 17.90 Fresh and juicy oysters covered with a thin egg batter, whipped up to perfection! One of my must order too!

Braised Pig Intestine SGD 14.90 Say no more! Even my mother and brother who dislike intestine approved it! I absolutely love how the intestine are braised to perfection, it is not chewy but al dente in all the good ways. Thumbs up!

Best eaten with the special blended chilli

Putien Bian Rou Soup SGD 4.90/pax 

100-Second Stewed Yellow Croaker SGD 14.90 It is best known for its tender and boneless texture. It is almost like melting in your mouth with a hugh explosion of flavours! Full marks!

I love Putien <3

4pm : We went for a stroll on the rooftop and they are having doggy graduation ceremony there. So cute!

And all the unlighted Christmas decor!

We were all lazy so we bought some grocery food and just dozed off

11am : Good Morning! We rock the second day with my brother’s recommended restaurant called Dian Xiao Er.

I like the touch of the interior design featuring the olden days. So much feel! 

Start off with the best dish of the day : 

Herbal Roast Duck. Duck is roasted perfectly, crispy skin tender juicy meat infused in the herbal essence gravy. 100/100

Golden Lotus Roots w Pumpkin. Heavy coated with butter and egg yolk. A sinful and satisfying dish. Fatty level 99

Poached spinach with century and salted egg. This dish is always one of the must order if it appears in the menu

Mongolian pork rib. Family love it too!

Braised yee mee with scallop. Thumbs up!

Double-boiled wintermelon w conpoy. Light but flavourful

I had Bengawan Solo pandan cheese roll as dessert no.1 before proceeding to Orchard for my second nostalgic dessert.

Hello Orchard. Orchard is full of christmass decor with Disney as the theme for this year. 

The old school street ice cream of Singapore. Are you the ice cream with cracker person or the ice cream with bread person?

And my third dessert along the street of Orchard — Cream Cheese Mochi Haagen-Darz! SOOO GOOOOD for a cheese and mochi person like me!

They have real mochi bits in the cream cheese ice cream!!!! #screeeeamm

And the street came alive when the sun sets. Lets the picture do the talking :

This is how we end our 40 hours in Singapore. Thankiuk le bro for the food <3

Hello Taiwan!








Penang & Hatyai Short Travel Guide

Sorrry!!! Haven’t been able to blog for soooooooo long. So so so long.. I’ve always try to put some effort to do some blogging but i have too many pending travel posts and tooooo many photos to filter so I think i’ll go with the simplest one. A very random Penang & Hatyai short trip.

So a random and not too informative blog post but I guess better than nothing right? Hohoho. I have been neglect the blog for so long i feel soooo guilty. 🙁 So it was a very random short trip to Penang and my siaopoh say she will drive us to Hatyai for leisure. Why not?! I haven been to Hatyai and yes sure I would love to set my foot there.

Hello! Long time no seee <3

Arrived at Penang around noon and siaopoh bring us for nom nom session. Forget about all the touristy places and must go places in google. Let the local bring you for the real goodness!! But that also means that I have no idea where the place is. Hahaha!

Not only the char kueh tiao is superb! Better than all the siam road and sisters char kueh tiao… the prawn is so fresh and the kueh tiao is.. what we always say… the wok flavour! You know what I mean right.. Not only the CKT is fabulous, the assam laksa, the spring roll and the kueh is nice tooo! 

And then we went to kek lok si… Nice view! And after Kek lok si.. continue eating… 

Penang Hill Duck Meat Kueh tiao tng.. a soup based flat noodles soup with duck meat, a local delicacy in Penang, we went to the one at Penang Hill, Air Itam. Located at the alley with a big tree and people are just feasting at the alley with simple table and chairs. So nostalgic. Yums! Simple is elegance.

We then ended our night with happy talks! The next day we woke up late and had our brunch at Sih Jing San Kopitiam, just a few walk from Red Rock Hotel. 

The Hokkien Mee is nice, the char kueh tiao is nice. Banana pancake is normal. Highly recommend the hokkien mee <3 And so, we began our road trip to Hatyai!!!!

So, how to go to Hatyai from Penang? 

  1. Buy a car insurance from some petrol station that stated insurance for sale
  2. Register and fill up the visa form with passport
  3. Pass the immigration and put RM 3 inside the passport while going through immigration. It’s some kind of bribery style but its a norm already. If you don’t put the RM 3 inside the passport, they will throw your passport back and ask for it. Same thing anyhow have to pay for “entrance ticket”
  4. When passing through immigration, all passengers have to get out from the car for them to have a look
  5. After the immigration of passenger, the driver have to queue at another immigration to verify the vehicle.
  6. Once you passed the immigration area, you can buy your sim card right away just outside the town. One sim card with unlimited internet quota cost you only 150 Baht

And you are done! Welcome to Dannok, then Sadao and Finally Hatyai!

We were hungry after a 3 hours drive and decided to feed ourselves first. Water View Restaurant. I would say its a must go places if you happen to come to Hatyai! Its located at Sadao, an 1 hour drive from hatyai, but if you go from Penang you will definately pass by the place and make sure you make it a stopover to have a meal. 

Beautiful places. Instagramable and unique. You dine at a floating platform where food is served with speed boat and dining with lotsa scary big fishes swimming underneath you. Yes. I can easily spend the whole afternoon here.

We had our meal. Our first thai meal… the food is not extraordinary yummy but its okay. Its the environment and service which makes you feel worthy. We ask the waiter to take a pic of us on behalf and after a while, he came back which a powerbank indicating my phone is out of battery. Its a definitely WOW WOW service! Thumbs up!!   

my siaopoh and I

We then continue our journey and arrived Hatyai after an hour. Checking in Siam Mansion. A very comfortable and clean boutique hotel but we had a bad experience that night. I’ll talk about that later. 

We rest a while then proceed to the famous Greenway Night Market. 

One of the largest and busiest night market in Hatyai but… I was a bit disappointed about the street food there.

Its more like a food court with a money card system.. and… most importantly is.. the food is just so so.. we have a quick one and proceed to shopping…. We only get to shop around 4 lanes of the shopping street and its closing already…… whyyyyyyyyy~ soooo earllllyyy! What to do, go back rest lor

And the disaster came. We arrived to our Siam Mansion around 11 and we couldnt open our hotel door… AND the WORST THING IS… THERE IS NO ONE WORKING THERE FROM 10pm till 8am. WHYYYY??? Not even a staff!! We ask the security for help and no one can help.. so we have to keep bugging the security guard… and he called a house keeping to come.. and the house keeping say she cant help, she don have the key and so on… so in conclusion, we waited and keep bugging for about 3 hours before we can get in our room. Disaster!!!! We ended our night with a tired heart

and the next day! Its fried chicken day! The BEST fried chicken in Hatyai! 

I have no idea whats the name of the shop. There no tourist there, just local people feasting. Local brings the best food! The fried chicken is light fluffy and crispy. Eating alongside is the famous laksam, thin noodles served with variety of homemade broth… soooo good!! and the vege is free flow. Take what you want to eat. This is probably the BEST FOOD i had throughout the whole trip. I can easily devour 3 pieces of chicken!!!! 

Fried Chicken I love youuuu!

The weather is extremely hot and killing. So we decided to loiter at the mall instead. And it is here that we bought a lot of local products! and…. food of coz!

my ever wanted lippie NARS powermatte! 

And shopping!! 

And i saw this cath kidson limited jungle book bag…! 

So it was until 5pm then we decided to head to Wine Village. A very harmonious place perfect for photo taking and thats also the reason we came. Apart from that fairy tale alike place, they have animals as well. How cute! 

Picture perfect!

With a perfect siao poh photographer 😀 Thank you for photo siao poh!!! <3<3

So the 2nd night, we enjoy our 7 eleven food with a good movie. Oh nom nom nom!

3rd day morning… coffee and mcd pork burger before we headed back to Penang and back home. Travel with siao poh is more like a wefie trip.. weeee! 

And to end our beautiful hatyai with the signature After You Shibuya Toast! 

So in conclusion, please go to water view restaurant for the ambiance and to the local fried chicken for the best food you can ever get in Hatyai! 





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