Sydney Travel Guide Day 1 : Lavender Bay, Paddy’s Market, Pho Pasteur, El Loco, Mr.Crackles

We finally had it! The unplanned spontaneous trip to Sydney!

So the story came like this, I was taking my 2 months holiday after my previous company and was brainstorming where to have my solo travel/adventure. I chose Darwin at first, thinking of having some fishing trips, cooking some barramundi or just explore this city for a while. A little bit laid back but it means peaceful as well! I somehow mentioned my plans to a best friend of mine during lunch and she was like..

Lao Mao : I need a break from all the dramas in my life
Me : Really? U wanna join? 
Lao Mao : Where? Why la Darwin.. so ulu.. nothing to do.. Go Melbourne lar
Me : Eeee.. how about Sydney? I never been to Sydney lei. And Joey is asking about Perth. Sekali we all go Sydney together?
Lao Mao : Can lei. On nia

So we texted Joey ask if she wanted to Join and less than a day, she say lets go! I am quite amazed actually because its very hard to get travel mates without all the discussions like “no leave” “see how” “no money” “ticket how much” “need to bring how much”. There is no such questions and all we do is.. OK LETS GO. We quickly check the air ticket and airbnb, and get the job done in 2 days! The cheapest air fare we got is from Singapore to Sydney for RM 1400 by Scoot and airbnb a nice and cozy apartment at Lavender Bay for RM 656 per person! WOOOOHOOOOOO!! In less than a week time, Hello Sydney!

20160727_235610_mr1469635369326_resized-horzIt was a midnight flight, and this is how we make ourselves happy at Changi Airport. Honestly, Scoot is actually not bad but we got a lot of noisy passengers and crying babies on board so.. oh well. I still prefer other airlines over budget airlines for flight duration 4 hours and above. But this trip is too random and we need to take care of our pocket too!

20160728_002650_resized 20160728_003210_resizedWhen we arrived Sydney it was already morning. We checked in to our Airbnb which is located at Lavendar Bay, North Sydney. It is just 1 stop to City Center and most importantly, Lavender Bay is famous for the spectacular view! SEE!!


dsc00023 dsc00025 dsc00027Love every bits of our apartment except there is no heating, we were like staying in a fridge for the past 1 week but the view and scenery make it all worth. 

20160728_114939_resizedOh, we bought a bottle of Baileys for our morning shots. Means we had a few shots to get crazy keep us warm every morning before we start our day. But i think Lao Mao finish almost 70% of that bottle herself. Hahaha!

20160728_115958_mr1469718897828_resizedWe made an effort to do #OOTD everyday.. so.. yay! Something to look forward to!

dsc00036 dsc00041Our first stop will be Paddy’s market at CBD. Alight at Central Station and use the light rail. Light Rail will stop directly in front of Paddy’s Market.

dsc00040 dsc00042 dsc00043 dsc00045 dsc00069 dsc00070 dsc00071 dsc00072 dsc00073Paddy’s Market is the best place to buy all your souvenirs, nuts, dried food and groceries. Price are relatively cheaper than anywhere else in Sydney. 

dsc00046 dsc00065Opposite is the Chinatown of Sydney. No we dint eat there. We went to Pho Pasteur, a Vietnamese Restaurant for lunch. It was quite a popular restaurant but for me its very average. I still think Mekong Pho Bo Ga in Melbourne had the best pho. 

dsc00055-horzBeef Pho. Not the most tender one but its alright

dsc00062-vertSummer rolls are average. Broken rice is ok. 

dsc00066We continue our shopping at another section of Paddy’s Market and Market City. Remember, buy all your souvenirs there.

Sydney is even more impressively beautiful during the evening. Our evening walk from Paddy’s Market to Surry Hills is a heart catching one. We often just stop by and enjoy the breeze and the colours of the surroundings. 

20160728_155135_resized_meitu_3 20160728_155514_resized_meitu_5Hello Sydney! Enjoy the breeze but not that strong wind ok!

dsc00082 dsc00084 dsc00085 dsc00113Beautiful stroll

dsc00089So Surry Hills is the place where this humble Mexican Restaurant is situated. 

dsc00091El Loco, they served their own brewed and draft beers and all sorts of tacos. 

20160728_163014_mr1469718447958_resizedWe headed to the outside because it was overly crowded inside. Thanks to the heater, we barely wanna move after we settle down. So cozy and warm!!

20160728_162958_mr1469719716509_resizedAloha from El Loco! 

dsc00094Oh ya! We came here for the secret taco!! Don ask me what is the secret taco because its still remain a secret until today. But its a big yums! 
 dsc00100Chicken wings are light and crispy as well

20160728_163238_mr1469719826362_resizedOh did i mention Beer? 

We were stuffed. So fully we would barely move but we decided to follow our plan for the roasted pork skin. Mr. Crackles at Darlinghurst!

dsc00105 dsc00106It is a takeaway shop selling pork and lamb.. and not to forget, the cracklings!!


We were so full so we decided to bring back to our apartment as supper… pipping hot braised lamb, roast meat and the cracklings. AND YOU KNOW WHAT?

dsc00116It’s almost frozen! The excess oil of the meat is already coagulate after a 15 mins walk! 




10 Kota Kinabalu Must Eat Food

I visited KK so many times since many many years ago and I just realised I have not do any proper compilation of Kota Kinabalu Must Eat Food. I have done reviews on and off of some restaurants or eateries in Kota Kinabalu but not the overall one. So I look through my photos and I’m thinking like, hmmm.. the photos I gathered are pretty much what I love to eat in Kota Kinabalu, so here we are… these are my 10 Must Eat Food in KK. There are more of coz but I guess these are pretty basic one for the first timer to KK. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Sang Nyuk Mian

20151212_134157_resized_1Sang Nyuk Mian is basically a bowl of hearty pork offal stew with a bowl of dry noodles with soy sauce. What makes it a bomb is that all the flavours and gelatin or whatever you call the goodness of everything is infused in the soup. Meat is tender and juicy.. gulping down with a sweet and salty noodles! Perfect for your breakfast, lunch or even dinner I don’t mind at all!

dsc00615 dsc00619Look the the shiny noodles coated with sweet soy sauce and some pork fats. Noms!! My favourite used to be the Kopitiam Melanian but the quality drops a lot few years back. Some love it at Kim Hing Lee but my utmost favourite one is the Jia Xiang Sang Nyuk Mian. They are way generous in their portion and I just simply love it!!

Kedai Kopi Jia Siang
Address : Lot 1, Lorong 3, Lintas Plaza Ring Road
Hours : 7.00am to 4.00pm

Kedai Kopi Kim Hing Lee
Address : Blk F, Lot 7, Sinsuran Complex, 88000 KK
Hours : 6.30am to 3.00pm

Kedai Kopi Melanian
Address : No. 34, Ground Floor, Jalan Pantai KK
Hours : 7.00am to 3.30pm

2. Ngau Chap 

dsc00636I love stew beef. I love ngau chap. Ngau chap means beef offals and I just can’t help myself from falling in love with all the offals. Hahaha! Ngau Chap is my second love in KK. Again, I love the one at Jia Xiang but basically you can get ngau chap everywhere in KK. 

Kah Hiong Ngau Chap
Address : Block B, Lot 14, Kedai Plaza Grand Millenium, Jln Lintas, Donggongon Penampang, 88200
Hours : 7.00 am to 3.00pm

3. Tuaran Mee

dsc00600 dsc00603Like Kuching we have our Kolo Mee, KK have their Tuaran Mee. I am not a big fan of it but a lot of people love it. Tuaran Mee are made from the batter consisting egg yolks and flour, they are lightly fried in the wok before stir frying with ingredients. 

Kedai Kopi Seng Hing
Address : Block E, Lot 10, SInsuran Complex, KK
Hours : 7.00am to 4.00pm
Phone : +608 211 594

4. Tenom Mee

20151211_231156_resized_1 20151211_231313_resized_1Tenom Mee is noodles originate from Tenom. Honestly if you ask me what is the difference between Tenom Mee and Tuaran Mee, I have no idea. But i like the texture of Tenom Mee more, it’s thicker and more al dente. But well,  it all depends.

How Lee Restaurant
Address : S-26, Lorong Mawas 1, Jalan Kolam, Taman Foh Sang, Luyang 88300
Hours : 6.00pm to 3.00am
Phone : 016 839 1938

5. Bak Kut Teh

dsc00647Bak Kut Teh is very popular in KK. Unlike in Kuching, KK like to have their Bak kut teh at night. I would say the Bak Kut Teh in KK taste a lil bit different than the one we have here. I love it more than the one we have in Kuching honestly. The dry bak kut teh is a bomb too!

Yu Kee Bak Kut Teh
Address : 74, Jalan Gaya, 88000 KK
Hours : 5.00pm to 11.00pm
Phone : +6088 221 192

Sin Kee Bak Kut Teh
Address : 26, Jalan Pantai, Pusat Bandar, 88000 KK
Hours : 4.00pm to 11.00pm
Phone : 017 764 6667

6. Yoyo

20151212_152535_resized_1 dsc00641Yoyo is their local milk tea brand. Not only their milk tea is incredibly tasty, (the tea flavour is very strong. I believed they brew their own tea instead of using the instant powder) their croissant is something people will die for. Mini croissant with the original one and the chocolate one. For the chocolate one, they have these chocolate lava oozing out when you bite in it. OH MY OH MY. 

Suria Shopping Mall
Hours : 10.00am to 10.00pm

Centre Point Shopping Mall
Hours : 10.00am to 10.00pm

Yoyo Cafe
Address : Lot 16, Block B, Grd Flr, Damai Point, Jalan Damai, Luyang 88300
Hours : 10.30am to 11.00pm
Phone : +6088 317 166

Yoyo Cafe
Address : Phase 2C, B32-0,32-1, Lintas Plaza, Lorong Lintas Square, Lintas Plaza 
Hours : 11.00am to 11.30pm
Phone : +6088 317 166

7. Welcome Seafood

20151213_200548_resized_1Seafood is one of the must eat in KK but i would rather just state Welcome Seafood because I guess 90% of the tourist or even locals go to Welcome Seafood for Seafood. From only 1 shop when I first visited to now, 8 shoplots to serve the hungry crowds. It is an iconic place already. Need not ask me how is the seafood. Oh if you are wondering, it’s very very very affordable!

Welcome Seafood Restaurant
Address : Asia City, Jalan Coastal, KK, 88000
Hours : 12.00pm to 12.00am
Phone : +6088 447 866

8. Borenos Fried Chicken

dsc00625 dsc00628Borenos Fried Chicken is KK own local fried chicken chain outlet. Like KFC but KK version. I was quite reluctant to try at first but wow, its really good. The marination for the fried chicken is slightly different. It’s somewhat like broasted but it is fried. Chicken is unexpectedly tender even the breast meat and I highly recommend you to just give it a try. Their thick cut fries are awesome too!

Centre Point Shopping Mall Sabah
Hours : 10.00am to 10.00pm
Phone : +6088 246 900

9. Filipino Food

20151213_034634_resizedI love filipino food. I especially love Sisig! Sisig is like a combination of all pork parts, mince it, stir fried it with their own species and served it with an egg! There’s one very authentic filipino restaurant just around the town and it opens until 3am. 

Tambayan At Kainang Filipino
Address : Blk 3 Ground Flr, Api-api centre, KK
Hours : 9.00am to 3.00am
Phone : 016 818 2008

10. Fook Yuen

20151213_182929_resizedFook Yuen is famous for their fluffy white bread and the signature milk tea. It is always one of my top list whenever I visited KK but now they have branches everywhere and unfortunately the one i visited was no longer as good. 🙁

Fook Yuen
Address : Jln Gaya, Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu, 88000 KK
Hours : 6.30am to 1.00am
Phone : +6088 743 406

So apart from all these, what else is your favourite must eat food in Kota Kinabalu?

Sydney Must Eat : Harry’s Cafe de Wheels. Our favourite Australian Pie

No Australian trip is complete without Australian Meat Pies! Pies!! I love Pies! I’ve done my homework for the most popular pies in Sydney and Harry’s Cafe de Wheels seems to have the highest rate of recommendation.
dsc00393dsc00399So here we are! There’s a few branch of Harry’s de Wheels having the most convenient ones at George St but since we have missed that and we are not going to town today, we opt to go for the one at Tempe. Somewhere further a bit from Town but the pies are definitely worth the trip there. 

tempedsc00400And we are finally here. Take a look at the menu as well. 

Before I get started, Harry’s Cafe de Wheels is an iconic pie cart in Sydney serving pies, pastries and hot dogs to celebrities, tourists and locals. Please make sure you do not miss out this one.

dsc00396The signature of Harry’s will be the TIGER. Your choice of traditional pies with mashy peas, mash and gravy.

piedsc00398Uhlala!! For those who dislike peas, not to worry at all, you can surely have this. The peas are fresh and it was mashed until smooth and silky. Dig in with the mash and the gravy, it is a heavenly explosion in your mouth. We had bacon and Cheese pie of coz, no one can say no to bacon and cheese!

dsc00397Apart from that, we also had Hotdog de wheels. I must say, i get addicted to that. The bun is so soft and fluffy you can literally just tear it when your lips. Hot dog served is fresh, flavorful and hearty together with their special chilli dog. Breakfast is just too awesome.

shakeAnd milk shake!!! Strawberry milk shake!! I cant thank enough for this wonderful combination of breakfast. Happy breakfast happy us! I recommend to get at least any flavor of milk shake when you are at Harry’s. No regrets! Where’s your favourite place for pies?



Phuket Short Getaway!

Sorry for feeding you guys all the old travelogues. I am clearing the albums in my laptop now  so might as well just blog it out. It was September 2014. Exactly 2 years ago when we randomly plan a 3D2N getaway to Phuket. A very short one so we basically just arrange a very nice resort, (check out our resort here) pace there and have some family bonding time. It was 5 years ago since I last visited Phuket, not much changes I would say. We went for a very short city tour and I just hate the weather. It was so hot I can barely enjoy anything at all.

It was not even lunchtime yet but as i mentioned, I just couldn’t tolerate the burning hot sun. Randomly walked into this restaurant for ice cold beer food and aircon.


dsc08527 dsc08529_p-horzNot too bad. I have nothing much to offer in this post but food.. and more food. Hahahhaa! Enjoy!

dsc08537-tileClockwise : Fried Seafood Platter –> Green Curry Beef –> Pineapple Fried Rice –> Amok Fish –> Prawn Omelette –> Cashew nut Chicken.

dsc08553And lastly, all norm –> Mango Sticky Rice

Then we proceed to Jungceylon Shopping Mall for the aircon. Its a open concept mall but at least it’s not that hot.

dsc08554 dsc08578 dsc08580 dsc08581 dsc08584Swensens for ice cream!! Food again yay!!!

dsc08556 dsc08560 dsc08562Durian Juice in the supermarket..

dsc08564_pHmmm… not that nice. It taste exactly like what you imagining now. 

And this facial place is packed with humans…! 299 baht which is around RM 30 ++ for a full package of massage and facial! why not!! Need to take number and queue one eh. 

dsc08565 dsc08573 dsc08576

dsc08571_pTada! Feel so naked.

So we managed to spend the whole afternoon at Jungceylon before exploring Patong Beach. It’s a very happening place if you plan to just pace around the street, holding a nice cold beer and just wait for the party to start. No I din’t. I went to explore the duno what sea game competition thingy along Patong Beach. 

dsc08588 dsc08589 dsc08590 dsc08593_p dsc08607_pHello from Patong Beach! Say hello to my anak monyet! haha!

dsc08602_pNormally if its not my first time to the place, I’ll just take my time doing boring stuff, eat and just loiter around. No touristy activities. So mind me if it’s too boring. You can check out my travelogue list at the top panel or the tagged bar beside for more interesting stuff. 

dsc08619 dsc08621Tuk tuk to the night market!! FOOODDD!!!! 

dsc08622 dsc08623 dsc08624 dsc08636 dsc08639 dsc08640 dsc08643

dsc08625I love this little things a lot. Its like a very solid jelly like skin with sweetened yellow bean paste inside. It’s so addictive you will just keep eating it.

dsc08644And so this is our perfect combination of food for dinner!! Chaos! 






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