Sydney Travel Guide Day 4 : Paddy’s Market, Circular Quay, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Chinatown, Bondi Beach

We dedicated that particular day for Bondi Beach, one of the Sydney popular beach with golden sands and turquoise waters! But before heading to our ultimate destination, we went for the last minutes shopping for souvenirs and fruits at our favourite paddy’s market! We always start our beautiful day with homecook breakfast merely because the ingredients here are garden-fresh!

20160731_071519_resizedYea we owes have alcohol to kick start the day! <3

20160731_093822_resizedMatching hat for Laomao & Keren!


20160731_103620_resized-tileWe went to Paddy’s Market again to stock up some souvenirs and groceries and head over to Chinatown for a peep. #leftsidearekangarooballs

20160731_120425_resized goMeihuaTemp_mh1469972821804_1483855917864Chinatown is smaller than expected but you can still find an assortment of Chinese food there. We give it a pass and proceed to the main attraction of the day — The Bondi Beach!

How to go to Bondi Beach : We took a train from Central to Bondi Junction then change to bus 380, 381 or 333 for a 15 mins ride to the beach.

20160731_130229_resized DSC00295#please tab the pole before and after you alight

The first thing we alight is to hunt for Food!! Seafood!! We just randomly walked pass whichever shop that looks good and this caught our attention.

DSC00302Just look at the variety of seafood served~ We ordered a pan grilled barramundi fish set and a salt and pepper fried squid for sharing! 

DSC00304I personally love barramundi fish. For a fresh catch like that you basically just need to sparkle with a pinch of salt and you are good to go! Yums!

20160731_135303_resized-tileSquid ring is ginormous!!! And its more to a fluffy squid than the al dente one~

Love the beach~ Its freezing cold but everyone still camp around the area for the mere sunlight. 

20160731_133608_resized 20160731_142726_mh1469973280282_1483855918659 DSC00306 DSC00308 DSC00310 DSC00311 DSC00313 DSC00315 goMeihuaTemp_mh1469973186775_1483855918184Can’t persuade myself to go to the sea so here’s thousand of photos to make do of it. hoho!

20160731_143627_resized_p 20160731_143958_resized_p-tileOh DID I MENTION WE SPOTTED A WHALE?

FB_IMG_1483618544209Oh we were lucky to have spotted a whale too! Thanks to the passerby who acknowledge us about that! 

DSC00330-tile FB_IMG_1483618554027-tile
goMeihuaTemp_mh1469973554289_1483855970176-tile FB_IMG_1483618567014How cosy!! Love the greens!! 

DSC00344We spend almost our whole afternoon loitering here. Not doing much, just admire and appreciate the beauty of it. Photographs will never show how soothing and beautiful this place is. 

Before we left this beautiful area, we went for another round of food hunt. GELATO and GELATO MILKSHAKE!! Cant help falling deep in love with the milkshake omg!! 

DSC00349 DSC00350 DSC00351-tile FB_IMG_1483618585561I guess Aussie make me crazy about milk shakes!

DSC00332 DSC00348 DSC00354 DSC00355 DSC00357One last view before we left. We will always remember you!

We head straight to Circular Quay to catch the night view of the Sydney Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge before we call it a day.

20160731_173750_resized DSC00361 DSC00369 DSC00375 DSC00388Magnificent I would say. If you are not tired, grab a beer alongside and just spend your evening chitchatting with your friends with these beautiful view behind. We were like near exhausted so we opt for a light stroll and went back sleep!

20160731_173403_mr1470008174164_1483855971112 20160731_174838_resized_p 20160731_174937_resized-tile DSC00372-tileTake a good amount of selfies and wefies before you call it a day! 

DSC00390 DSC00391Hungry Jacks? nah! next time!

We went straight home for dinner! Home cook comfort meal


20160731_195015_resizedThe after meal dessert — my favourite Persimmon! Happiness overloaded!

Guess we will call it a day from here! Signing off!



Korean Food Festival Buffet @ Pullman Kuching

Korean Cuisine is definitely not a foreign term for Kuchingnites. We were crazy about K-pop K-drama and down to falling in love with all the Korean related everything. I’m not sure about you but I am a big fans of Korean Food and were extremely delighted when Pullman Kuching launched the Korean Food Festival!


This is the first ever korea food promotion introduced by the hotel. For our fellow food lovers, the Korean Food Festival will be here from the 26th June to 9th July 2017 for a two weeks buffet style basis and after this two weeks, Korean Buffet will only be available on the weekdays but ala carte is served throughout. Specially thanks to our Korean Chef Lee Seung Joon for bringing us so much good food. And if you were doubting about authenticity, don’t worry! the Korean Food Festival is specially planned by the beloved Korean General Manager of Pullman Kuching, Mr. Charles Choi. #doubletheauthenticity

IMG_20170628_190043_mr1499152405474_resized_20170704_031942924yay!! Korean Food!!! – the ultra happiness shown –

DSC00962 DSC01028

Lets take a walk through the buffet line: we have the side dish station, the main course station, the grilled station and the dessert station. 

DSC00960 DSC00961 DSC00964 DSC01020The all time favourite, side dishes! Korean Food Festival served more than 16 types of side dishes or you can call you banchan to go with your  main courses. Among my favourite will be the kimchi, the tuna kimbap, jap chey and the silken tofu! 

DSC00963If you want more greens, here you go!

Proceed to the main courses for the night; 

DSC00970Dak Gang Jung | Fried crispy chicken thigh with sweet and slightly spicy sauce
I personally like the dak gang jung. The chicken thigh is fried with a very thin batter and coated with heavy sweet and spicy sauce. Meat is still juicy inside! Yums!

DSC00974Beef Bulgogi | Beef slices marinated and stir fry in the special sauce

DSC00978Saengseon Jorim | Pacific ocean mackerel, radish, leeks with spicy sauce
I absolutely love this dish. The sauce is not too spicy but it goes well together with the mackerel. Mackerel is fresh and its slight grilled before slow cooked with the radish. Radish is cook through and it absorb all the goodness of the sauce. Can’t stop eating it! 

DSC00983Beef Galbi Jjim | Premium NZ beef short rib, radish, carrot cooked with traditional soya sauce, onion & sesame seeds
This is the bomb. My favourite and highly recommended dish in Korean Food Festival. The short ribs is fall of the bone, juicy tender and so well marinated. You know when you ingredients were fresh and good. I had three rounds of beef galbi. Its just so addicitive!

DSC00992Dak Bokum Tang | Korean Spicy Chicken stew with potato

DSC00997Mixed Vegetables | Stir fry brussel sprouts, peppers, cucumbers, mushroom and carrots

DSC01001Ojing o Bokum | Fresh squid, mixed vegetables with chili paste

Such impressive main courses! But there’s more; The grilled station!

DSC01006Grilled prawns of the size of the palm

DSC01009Grilled beef short ribs and chicken thighs

DSC01012They also have bibimbap as per order.

IMG_20170628_191334_mr1498651581256_resized_20170704_025738998Lets DIG INNNN!!!

No matter how full you are, there’s always a magic compartment for desserts!! 

DSC01013Hello sweets!

DSC01014 DSC01016 DSC01017My favourite goes to the peanut butter cake, red velvet cream cheese cake and the dark brownies!

combineeatingMy tummy is so well pampered! Thank you Pullman Kuching for having us! And thank you my eating partner Jacqueline for making this food feasting time fun and full of laughter! We both enjoyed our time trying all the Korean food specially crafted by Chef Lee!

pageIf you don’t want to miss out the opportunity, please call 082 – 222 888 ext 2101 for bookings. Ala carte is from 12pm to 6pm with the price RM 49 nett and Buffet  is from 6.30pm to 10pm at RM 149 nett. Oh speaking about ala carte, let me show you the choices availble:

alacarteClockwise : Ttugbaegi bulgogi, Heamul deonjang jjigae, Dodl sot bibimbap and Beef Galbi Jjim.

thumbnail_20170630_123243And all ala carte comes with side dish! What are you waiting for? Bring me bring me!!!

OH!! 25% electronic voucher! GRAB IT : BRING ME






Gudetama Cafe Singapore – Cuteness Overload! *menu linked*

I’m so touched and blessed to have receive emails to show care and comfort after my emo whining post! OMG, you guys really make my day. I guess you guys are the main reason I continue writing. The blog is turning into the platform where i share my happy travel and food posts but sometime in a while when I’m down, you guys really motivates me a lot! Thank you for baring with me even though I neglect my blog sometimes. I wanted to especially show my gratitude to Jam from the states, you have become a reader to a friend for the past 8 years! I’m very thankful!

The utmost popular Sanrio Character — Gudetama has arrived in Singapore!! As promised, I’ll be sharing my awesome dining experience there! I missed out the chances to visit Gudetama Cafe in Hongkong and Japan but guess what, they invaded Singapore!! How to not go!! If you ask me whether the food is good, I can only say everything taste good in such environment! SOOOO CUTE!!!! 

Gudetama Cafe Singapore is now opened at Suntec City Singapore. Being a Gudetama fanatic, I’ve been smiling though. I cant bare with the cuteness! Let me show you!! p/s: It was a surprise visit so I don’t have my camera with me, I haven have my new phone with me so all the pictures were taken with my half condemned Samsung Note 4. 🙁

IMG_20170411_131515_resized_20170614_013612787 IMG_20170411_131524_resized_20170614_013614806 IMG_20170411_132111_resized_20170614_013613107 IMG_20170411_132749_resized_20170614_013611861 IMG_20170411_141647_resized_20170614_013612433
IMG_20170411_132059_resized_20170614_013615155I can’t breathe! Even when I’m writing it, I’m feeling the joy. Hahahaha!!

Here comes the food. 

IMG_20170411_132413_resized_20170614_013614148“i’m Cold” Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict ( SGD 26.90 / RM 86 )
Poached eggs with smoked salmon over mashed avocado on brioche toast drizzled with Yuzu hollandaise sauce, served with seasonal greens

Masu-Cha ( SGD 11.90 / RM 38 )
Matcha Smoothies with Pepero Sticks, popcorns and marshmallows. 

IMG_20170411_133924_1_resized_20170614_013613458Gude-Pudding ( SGD 16.90 / RM 54 )
Caramel, flan, with premium vanilla soft serve, caramelised bananas, apple crumble and a crispy sesame orange tuile.

IMG_20170411_133550_resized_20170614_013611300I especially love the Gude-Pudding. Pudding is silky smooth and it taste like one of my favourite pudding in Japan.

IMG_20170411_133306_resized_20170614_013610774Oh, portion is quite big here so its best to share with friends too. We only have 2 people so the most we can ordered its just all of this. I’ve attached the rest of the menu here so click click click for more egg-citing food!

combi2How egg-cellent and egg-citing!! A place that makes all the ladies scream!! Its a norm to see everyone spending their sweet time or some took forever to snap pictures (just like me). A perfect place for a ladies day out so you can scream all your want and snap all the photos you love and if you are going for a date, GUYS PLEASE, bare with your girlfriends. Its indeed a never ending photo taking session before you can even touched the food!!

No matter what age group you are, I’m sure you will be “awwwww” with the cuteness! Be a happy little child there and ignore the rest!! Cheers to Gudetama! 

IMG_20170411_132213_resized_20170614_013614469Oh! You do not want to miss the chance to take a pic with this cute Gudetama statue thing! I went during Easter time so here’s Gudetama Bunny! #meltanddie





When life give you lemon, made lemonade. Really? You aint treating me well these past few months. They have been the gloomiest few months that I am hanging on. Work interfering, sabotaging, dealing with perpetrators is something inevitable now. It used to be a serenity for me, spending almost half of my daily time here with beautiful people surrounded. But good things never last, bad things never dies. Its gone.

For those who have the practice to create issues during work, please remember that you will always be perceived as someone immature and unlikable. No matter how you strive in a negative way, you will never achieve a standard for your own. 

I personally value working environment more than everything because the best creative work is never done when one is unhappy. If you don’t feel right anymore, leave. Its never worth your time if you are unhappy. I sometimes look back to my remedies, why isn’t it working anymore? I am a wanderlust, someone who adored freedom as much as you treasure your fanatic addiction. Being able to fly and see the world always make me happier, to be able to explore give me gratitude,knowing little bit more about the world and little bit less about myself. 


Staring at this beautiful scenery of Yokohama, a small town i visited last February. Magnificent and majestic. I remember when I visited this peaceful small town in Japan, you have basically limited things to do but instead, you learn how they live their daily life, do what the locals do, understand their culture and it will bring your journey to a more fruitful and meaningful extent. This is how I magnified the beauty of travel and narrowed down the little negative issues in my life, or I say work. I want to let loose myself at some foreign land soon. Or maybe I should try to do something I like instead of following protocols in life. You know, you only live once so make sure you spend it worthwhile. 

I guess I haven’t travel for a few months and it makes my head dizzy, drain my soul and freeze my inspiration. HAHAHAHAHA! OMG I AM SO UNHAPPY AND STRESS OUT THIS MONTH! Just let me whine a bit here can?!!


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