10.10.08 – Who got the correct answer?

Ok.. days ago.. i have my first YienYien’s give away.. remember? 

So what is this and how does it tastes like??!

the answer is.. Its actually a small breed of wild apples which people often use the fruits to make vinegar.. and the taste is extremely sour!!!! Not a little sweet at all.. *huhu*

We have got some exactly accurate answers!! how can?? very easy meh? Or u really knew the fruit edi?

So the winner for my freebies give-away is..

TmoT (eh… sounds like he punteng tu know the answer liao leh!)

Also… someone actually say out the usage of it… so i will giv him a little freebies as welll!! Congrats to..

Bryan Hoo (happie belated birthday lor)


Sorry for not updating very often recently as i was really busy with my assignments and so on.. GUESS WHAT?

I “MIGHT” go to prom 2molo.. ^^ *hahaha*

Anyhow, this will be my simpliest prom, no new dress, no new shoes, no outside make-ups and hairdo.. Can see that i went for that really just for the sake of my year semester in Swinburne right? hahaha!

But still, today is a good day for me, i just got my letter about the merit scholarship! *woots* Swinburne is so “productive”.. the semester almost ends and only now it comes the scholarship thingy. The scholarship is suppose to be a rebate for my THIS semester fees but since i oledi paid months ago and this will be my last semester.. i wonder if the scholarship can be debitted to my bank account for my future shopping use? *grin*

Next to come..