Are you ready for the Crazy Burger Challenge?

Are you a big eater? Are you a challenger? Are you a foodie? Are you daring enough for some food challenge? Take the challenge!! In the merry month of December, Pullman Kuching is having this Crazy Burger Promotion! 

DSC09114_p_pppCrazy Burger!!! Take the challenge! If you can finish this dish and a complimentary drink within 20 minutes, it will be FREE!!!

What if you cant finish it? Dont worry, no punishment for you, you just  need to pay for the burger and you can slowly enjoy your burger for the whole day. Muahahahhaha!! 

There are two types of Crazy Burger;

DSC09109Crazy Beef burger

DSC09108and Crazy Chicken Burger!! Only RM 58+ each. 

DSC09110This burger is like the size of my face… Hehehehe! If you love thick buns, and XXL patty, this challenge is for you…!!

DSC09121Of coz, they wont cut it this way for you. Those are for us to try and for you to see how thick is the patty! What I can ensure is.. the beef patty is moist! So dont worry!! You can do it and LETS GET CRAZY!!! 

If you happen to go for the challenge, Let me know!!!! 😀