BCCK Christmas Set Lunch 2014

This year BCCK has come out with something rather different. The Isthmus Festive Set Lunch starting from 1st December to 31st December 2014. So everyone can enjoy the 3 course meal lunch with the reasonable price of RM 38++ only for the whole month of Christmas! *Weee*



DSC09145Simple decoration but cozy enough. I went last week and the crowd is good. Bet the food is good too ya! Lets c!

DSC09153Started off with dinner rolls and finished up with coffee or tea. The other, choose yourself:

DSC09163Me myself would prefer a chilly Vina Albina Reserva to go with it. hehehe!

For Starters, you have a choice of 4. Salad/Soup

1. Waldoff Salad


2. Prawns Cocktail


3. Cream of Pumpkin


4. Seafood Troller


Choices of Main Course

1.Slow roasted sirloin steak with creamy  mushroom sauce, spicy sweet potato wedges & vegetables floret


2. Herbed crusted chicken roulade with carrot, mushroom farce, spicy sweet potato wedges & buttered vegetables


3. Turkey burger served with braised red cabbage, apple slices & sweet potato wedges


And a dessert crème bulee to sum up. 




Sugar must be extremely cheap recently.. hmmmm..

DSC09194_pppMy eating partner. Oh nom nom nom!

DSC09192_ppI was there, so when is your turn? Already took all the pic.. so.. should be easier to decide right? *teehehe*