BCCK Ramadhan Buffet, Kuching

I’m sure now… everytime when you tuned in to Hitz.fm.. you’ve heard of.. ALL the ramadhan buffets ranging from the Malay-Balinese Buffet from Pullman, The Macam-Macam Ada Mega Buffet from Grand Margherita Hotel and… of coz.. with the title.. the Bigger, the Better BCCK Ramadhan Buffet.

This Year, Borneo Convention Center Kuching (BCCK) is having a bigger and better buffet as compared to last year… This year, it is held in the Great Halls ABCD which can accommodate up to 1000 diners a night 🙂

Oh.. awesome isnt it?

Which the purple theme.. how elegant 🙂

One thing about BCCK.. the Great hall only open for the diners at Buka Puasa time.. Kiasu people like myself, rose, jacq, cyril, jimmy.. eve…well.. almost everyone who came early will have to wait outside the hall…

with mike and sophia..

camwhoring and having fun… 38-ing. *miahahahahahaha*

Hellu Rosieeeee <3

When the clock hits 6.50pm.. we all went in. First.. to all the counters serving different goodies..

The Banana, Apple and Prawn Fritters Counter

The Roasted Duck and Chicken Rice Counter

Shawarma Counter

Roasted Lamb Counter and many many more..

Start off our meal with Kurma..

And then to the Starters

Ulam with the leaves that Jaq can chew like a mooo-mooo

Smoked Salmon.. Oh well.. they actually changed the Menu every FRIDAY. So.. this round.. we dont have fresh salmon but we have the smoked one “)

The Greens

Proceed on to the mains.. No kidding thats only a very SMALL part of it

Among the favourite… Satay.. The beef satay is very nice!

And the Shawarma aka Kebab is not bad as well

My personal preference.. mashed potatoes with Brinjal in spices.. Brinjal lovers like me.. you will love it.. even tho you dont take brinjal.. you will definately love the mash potatoes

Nasi Briyani with chicken

Mushroom Soup

Bubur Pedas


and roti canai..

And.. Jeng Jeng Jeng! lovely !

Time for dessert.

To be honest. Really love the dessert..

especially all the fresh berries with it. Impressive

They have varieties of these but every single one just give u a little surprise out of no where 🙂

Not forgetting the ice kacang

Cendol with coconut

and even the traditional kek lapis

Well.. really enjoy the food and all the laughters that night. Lovely people. and thankiuk mike for the invitation. You are getting slimmer and slimmer each other.. *rooar*

Anyhow… it is recommended to make a reservation to secure your table. The menu changed every Friday.. RM 65 nett for adult and RM 25 nett for children age 5-12 from 5th August to 26th. For more information, call 082-392 889 from 9am to 6pm daily

Disaster : Flash run out of battery half way.. so.. some of the pic.. T.T