Cafe Chat Oct & Nov Promotion @ Pullman Kuching

Thank you Alicia for inviting  us to the Chocolate Fondue Tasting session at Cafe Chat, Pullman Kuching. Thankiuk Roseling for extending the invitation as well!! 🙂

All the familiar faces 😀 😀

October Promotion : the Chocolate Fondue!! with 6 types of Dipping items!!

The chocolate fondue is available from 4pm to 6pm daily.. RM 35++ per set.

The portion is big enough to share among 4-6 person.. Yes.. look at the size of the Chocolate Fondue.. not jimmy. HAHAHA!

Among my favourites are : Strawberry!!

*juicy sweet*

Bananas!! My all time favourite…!


Dipped with melting choc!

Oh.. coated si-toh-bei-lei !! *grin*

Apart from that.. the other dipping items are Papayas, pineapples and almond flakes..

Well.. look at Jacq and Rose’s creation!!! *slurps*

Drinks of the month…!

Iced Passion Fruit Tea with Lemon Slice : RM 10++

Hot Passionate Lemon Tea : RM 8++ (blurred. T.T)

As for November’s Promotion.. “Twist of Dabai” gives all dabai lovers a flavorful month!!

Highly Recommended : Beer Curry with Potato & Dabai Quiche!! RM 7.8++

I personally like it a lot because it tasted like Beef Rendang quiche but with a very unique flavor of Dabai.

Chicken Char Siew & Dabai with Shallot Quiche. RM 8.8++

Apart from that.. they have Wild Mushroom Dabai Quiche (RM 7.8++), Original Dabai Chicken Curry Puff (RM 8.8++) and Creamy Beef Sausage with Dabai Puff (RM9.8++)

November’s Special : Ice Bannoffee : RM 14++ Ice Bannoffee is a combination of banana and coffee with caramel sauce *yums*

Apart from the October and November Promotion: Cafe Chat served you all the yummylicious dessert and light meals throughout the year… such as..

Turkey Ham with Cream Cheese Panini *RM 18.80

All panini(s) are served with Nachos and 3 dipping sauce : Salsa Sauce, Sweet Chilli Sauce and Wasabi Mayo Sauce

Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese Panini *RM 20.80

My personal favourite among all.

Cheese Panini. Normally they don sell this. The original Panini was Thai Roasted Beef Panini *RM 15.90 .But thai roasted beef is out of stock so they replaced it with Cheese Panini. If you prefer cheese panini as well.. you can request for it with the same price as Thai Roasted Beef Panini but with Extra layers of Cheese 🙂

Zuzu!! Your DSLR is bigger than your head!

As for Desserts

Opera Cake *RM 11.80++ .Please order the cake 2 days in Advance if you are interested 🙂

Macadamia Cheese Cake *RM 11.80++

New York Cheese Cake *RM 9.80++

The Royale *RM 9.80++

Oh.. someone bought a new DSLR *droolssss*

Deborah, from the F&B department was explaining to us about their cakes..

But the sanla as usual… =.=

I enjoyed my lazy afternoon at Cafe Chat with all the awesome food… and the flower *nyek*

If you wish to reserve some tables or you want to know more about the promotion of Cafe Chat.. please contact Pullman Hotel at +6 (0) 82 222 888.

Its an ideal place for camwhoring too!! 🙂