Chinawut Indracusin ( Chin )

Okay.. i know i promise to sleep early just now but i wake up suddenly in the middle of the nite.. 10 minutes ago.. i listen to some jay’s latest album and suddenly thought of one chinese song i listened through MY FM. Well.. Guess what, that very nice chinese song is actually sang by a thai… 

And his name is Chinawut Indracusin (Chin).. He is only freaking 19 years old! so young la..! He is a Eurasian, His dad is a thai and his mom is a french and it makes him a Thai-French.. First when i get to listen his song.. wow.. his english is impressive.. added.. he got this husky sexy voice! (only husky and sexy when he talk.. but when he is singing the voice is like so soft.. duno why) hahahahaha! 

The chinese song which i love so much is named “Yu Jian Ni” means “met u” in chinese.. HOWEVER, i couldnt find it in youtube.. i duno why.. BUT hor.. i found his THAI VERSION.. hahaha! Enjoy!! i hope u guys will like it.. i will upload the chinese one when i found it!

Term Mai Koey Term (i duno wads the meaning la hor)

Well.. i googled his name and i found his pic! OMG!! this is the first time i saw his pic too.. Well.. surprisingly it turned out to be a very cute guy.. so.. here u go! hahahaha!! 

*if anyone found the chinese version.. tell me arrrr* His song is nice! 

– WOOTS!! i m listening thai songs!! KAPPPPP –