Christmas at The Raintree Restaurant @ BCCK, Kuching

Me too… same as Rose… Finally can squuuuueeeeze in sometime to do something i like…. BLOG. This month has been a .. rough month…. although december is a Merry December, i had my lovely SG family trip that most of the time working still… my december is packed with work.. work work work, paperwork paperwork that almost killed me… and saddest of all… i haven got any Christmas presssie yet. 🙁

However, i am glad that i dint missed out this lovely invitation from Mike to the Christmas Dinner at The Raintree Restaurant, BCCK. It was right at the end of the BCCK hall. My first time to the Raintree Restaurant.. 🙂 Rose and I were distracted by this super cute Rudolph…. the body look like turkey!! sooo cute!!!!!

Here we are : Raintreee Restaurant

It was Beautiful..

The setting was warm and comfortable.. romantic too if you were to bring your special ones to experience a different Christmas Dinner.

Christmas Feel is all around :):)

The Raintree Restaurant offers this 5 course meal prepared in French Classic Cooking Style with Japanese Presentation Skills. Unique huh! 🙂

So this is the appetizer,

Blinis Tower of Lobster Medallion, Smoked Salmon and Creme Fraiche, paired with Warm Ravioli of Duck Confit and Pumpkin Puree

The wonders of the Tower, bite in all down, from the mild sweetness of the fresh lobster together with the smoked salmon. nom nom nom* It is as good as it looks. <3

Secondly, we were served : Cream of Cauliflower with colourful peppers and crouton

I personally love cauliflower soup… topped with my fav peppers.. creamy but you can just continue to eat non stop… i almost grab the sample bowl of cauliflower soup but i controlllllllllllll 😀

Thoughtful enough, we were served Palate Refresher…. to clear off all the yummylicious cauliflower soup in our palate to start off with our main course >:) Exotic Ginger-Lime Sorbet!! Wooots!! It is refreshing, just like a frozen ginger ale with a drop of squuuezed lime 🙂

To the mains :

Slow Baked Turkey Roulade with wild mushroom and truffle oil, served with sauteed brussels sprouts, caramelized chestnuts and cranberry sauce. According to the chef, it is preferable to served turkey roulade instead of the whole turkey for fine dining. Ladies who are craving for turkey during a appropriate date, you know where to go so that you can look good while eating turkey. hahahaha! u know what i mean!!!

If you are not a turkey person, you can opt for the second mains:

Slow Grilled Marinated Sirloin on Spicy Potato, wilted spinach with blue cheese, buttered carrot, brussels sprouts and beef jus. I know, it is sooo pinkish!!!! Not only pinkish, it is tender and juicy. together with the blue cheese in the wilted spinach, you know you had a different christmas dinner. Not to be forgotten, you can request your sirloin to be cooked according to your own liking.

Dessert time!!

Christmas pudding with Raspberry White Chocolate Parfait.

Everyone is soooo busy 🙂

Thick christmas pudding and semi frozen parfait. I just couldnt resist the raspberry parfait. it is just so good.

And of all the delicious food, special thanks to Chef Virginia Kedit.. and on the left side.. my long lossssssst koko.. alan leong. nom nom nom*

All the satisfied faces…

To avoid disappointment, it always better to make reservations especially on this special occasion. Call The Raintree Restaurant at 082-392988 between 11.00am to 10.00pm daily. This promotion is available for dinner on December 24, 2011 at the price of RM 125++ per person.

BTW… Tada.. i believed this will be the prettiest xmas deco in Kuching. Stay Tune!! Its only half way done when we were there and its already soo beautiful… i wanted to spend my Christmas there… how about u?

Merry Christmas to ALL!! Its a lovely month!