Delifrance, The Hills Shopping Mall Kuching

Delifrance at Hills Shopping Mall in Kuching is finally here!

After months and months and months.. finally received the invitation from Oba oba weeee*

Oh.. mind my iphone camera quality…

Met John from Krista.. and great to know he is helping in organizing and preparing all these for us 🙂 He then nicely ordered some drinks for us.. Expresso, Latte and Mocha

Serving the Delifrance famous pastries as starter… Always love their croissant

Mains will be tuna sandwich

and pepperoni sandwich.

Mango cake and Opera cake as dessert 😀

As usual.. my makan makan partner.. RoseWong.Com

But seriously.. it was a fun night.. Because.. i havent seen so many bloggers in a food tasting for such a long time di…. Miss the old times…. 😀

All the familiar faces!! Miss you guys so much!

Such a lovely night to keep in touch with all of you <3

Anyway.. drop by to Delifrance for high tea or even tea break. A croissant and a cup of mocha would be a perfect match 😀