Eumora Sabun!

Wooots!! i cant believe i m blogging about sabun! muahahahaha!!

I just came home half an hour ago and i saw this on the table..

Ooohhh!! Eumora… hehe.. Okay.. its a sabun actually… SOAP... Never heard of it but can try googled it later.. kekeke!

The soap is like this size.. like the size of the soap provided in every hotels..

and guess how much is this??!?

Hold ur breath hold ur breath…

Its a freaking RM 95 per piece.. YES.. I mean that tiny little Soap cost u RM 95!!!

Currently i still duno wads the magic of it but will find out soon. lalala!

Ohh Ohh Ohhh!!! Must camwhore with the RM 95 Soap!!!! wuuuahahahha!

Its even smaller than my fon’s keypad neh!

Okay Okay.. enuf of my sabun post. lalalala!!! Now.. remember E-U-M-O-R-A!