GM Cocktail Reception @ Pullman Kuching

I attended the GM Cocktail Reception at Pullman Kuching two days ago.. Its not only a welcome reception for the incumbent of the new General Manager, Mr Eric Tan but also a farewell for our beloved Mr. Fabrice Mini.. He is going to Bali for good and he always have the blessing from all of us.
I reached there around 6pm.. Lucky to have bump into Cyril.. We had some beers and biscotti..
The cocktail reception started off with their special cocktail food designed by the Executive chef, Mr.Jimo
Dessert Prawn with fruit base.. Seafood with fruits certainly goes well
Medium raw beef with tomato jelly. This is quite a unique serving.. Its served cold.. medium raw beef with sweet tomato pudding kinda-like. Not much people in my table fancy it but i kinda like it. 😀
My favourite vege combo.. A perfect combination in a just one spoon.
Two layers of roasted capsicums.. a dip of honey mustard sauce.. a layer of crispy chip and roasted brinjal as base. High to the max! i had 5 of this.. *teeehehehe*
Salmon sashimi with caviar.. :0
The hot stuff! Onion balls with minced meat and their special sauce on top. *noms*
The pastry is excellent.. fragrant and fluffy.. when u take a bite on it.. you will immediately crave for the second one. 🙂
Deep fried salmon cube.
Peanut Cookies. I am loving it.
After all the tummy were filled.. Mdm Yip Lai Pheng.. the director of sales and marketing went on stage to give her word… as the representative of Pullman Kuching to show appreciation to Mr. Fabrice Mini and introducing the new GM. Btw.. Mdm Yip is a very very nice person.. easy to mingle with.. and she is the one who keep on asking the F&B to serve us with the food.. non stop! haha!
SEE! 😀
A very important man in Pullman Kuching..
Mr. Fabrice Mini. I bet everyone will gonna miss him a lot.
And the new GM of Pullman Kuching.. Mr. Eric Tan
He surely look like a celebrity answering all the questions from the press.
Mr. Fabrice Mini and Mr. Eric Tan.
The important men of Pullman Kuching 😀
And after the ceremony.. desserts were served.
Strawberry Pudding..
Cheese cake.. loving this. Everyone is challenging to get the “one-mouth-bite” hahaha!
Can you do it *grin*
Grape tart
Papaya Tart
Mango Tart
And lastly.. they served us this.. I have no idea what is it.. its a savoury dessert but it taste good. Unique.
Before i end the post.. Good luck and all the best to you Mr. Fabrice Mini. 😀

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