Gudetama Cafe Singapore – Cuteness Overload! *menu linked*

I’m so touched and blessed to have receive emails to show care and comfort after my emo whining post! OMG, you guys really make my day. I guess you guys are the main reason I continue writing. The blog is turning into the platform where i share my happy travel and food posts but sometime in a while when I’m down, you guys really motivates me a lot! Thank you for baring with me even though I neglect my blog sometimes. I wanted to especially show my gratitude to Jam from the states, you have become a reader to a friend for the past 8 years! I’m very thankful!

The utmost popular Sanrio Character — Gudetama has arrived in Singapore!! As promised, I’ll be sharing my awesome dining experience there! I missed out the chances to visit Gudetama Cafe in Hongkong and Japan but guess what, they invaded Singapore!! How to not go!! If you ask me whether the food is good, I can only say everything taste good in such environment! SOOOO CUTE!!!! 

Gudetama Cafe Singapore is now opened at Suntec City Singapore. Being a Gudetama fanatic, I’ve been smiling though. I cant bare with the cuteness! Let me show you!! p/s: It was a surprise visit so I don’t have my camera with me, I haven have my new phone with me so all the pictures were taken with my half condemned Samsung Note 4. 🙁

IMG_20170411_131515_resized_20170614_013612787 IMG_20170411_131524_resized_20170614_013614806 IMG_20170411_132111_resized_20170614_013613107 IMG_20170411_132749_resized_20170614_013611861 IMG_20170411_141647_resized_20170614_013612433
IMG_20170411_132059_resized_20170614_013615155I can’t breathe! Even when I’m writing it, I’m feeling the joy. Hahahaha!!

Here comes the food. 

IMG_20170411_132413_resized_20170614_013614148“i’m Cold” Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict ( SGD 26.90 / RM 86 )
Poached eggs with smoked salmon over mashed avocado on brioche toast drizzled with Yuzu hollandaise sauce, served with seasonal greens

Masu-Cha ( SGD 11.90 / RM 38 )
Matcha Smoothies with Pepero Sticks, popcorns and marshmallows. 

IMG_20170411_133924_1_resized_20170614_013613458Gude-Pudding ( SGD 16.90 / RM 54 )
Caramel, flan, with premium vanilla soft serve, caramelised bananas, apple crumble and a crispy sesame orange tuile.

IMG_20170411_133550_resized_20170614_013611300I especially love the Gude-Pudding. Pudding is silky smooth and it taste like one of my favourite pudding in Japan.

IMG_20170411_133306_resized_20170614_013610774Oh, portion is quite big here so its best to share with friends too. We only have 2 people so the most we can ordered its just all of this. I’ve attached the rest of the menu here so click click click for more egg-citing food!

combi2How egg-cellent and egg-citing!! A place that makes all the ladies scream!! Its a norm to see everyone spending their sweet time or some took forever to snap pictures (just like me). A perfect place for a ladies day out so you can scream all your want and snap all the photos you love and if you are going for a date, GUYS PLEASE, bare with your girlfriends. Its indeed a never ending photo taking session before you can even touched the food!!

No matter what age group you are, I’m sure you will be “awwwww” with the cuteness! Be a happy little child there and ignore the rest!! Cheers to Gudetama! 

IMG_20170411_132213_resized_20170614_013614469Oh! You do not want to miss the chance to take a pic with this cute Gudetama statue thing! I went during Easter time so here’s Gudetama Bunny! #meltanddie