Innisfree opens first store in East Malaysia – Vivacity Megamall

Innisfree finally opens its first store in East Malaysia on the 7th September 2018 and proudly to say that it opens at Vivacity Megamall Kuching! 

Thank you for the kind invite, we are able to have the first hand experiences of Innisfree in East Malaysia. So Innisfree originally came from Korea, focusing natural ingredients for the skincare and cosmetics. Lets take a short tour of Innisfree store in Kuching!

Look at the human beings!!! 

From the highly demand mask to skincare to cosmetic, whatever a woman needs, they have it. 

All sorts of beauty masks

If you have no idea what kind of product suits you, you can always seek advice from all the helpful beauty consultant there. I have all my cosmetic and skincare purchased advised by this very patient and knowledgeable beauty consultant. Definitely a big thumbs up for him!

In celebration of Innisfree store opening in Kuching, they provide a series of promotion for all the shoppers in the month of September. Don’t missed the chance and be sure to grab one for yourself!

And this is my haul for that day! 

So gonna try on this sample mask as well. Innisfree always have good review for their mask <3


Oh! not to miss out my lovely companion <3<3. We hereby wish Innisfree Malaysia to have a prosperous business in Kuching !