Its about the best A5 kobe beef in Kobe : Royal Mouriya

Kobe beef in Kobe. That’s most probably the best thing to do in Kobe! Short introduction : Kobe beef refers to beef from the tajima strain of wagyu cattle, famous for its flavour, tenderness, fatty and well-marbled texture. Not all kobe beef restaurant in Kobe served kobe beef, asked before you ordered because it might be premium grade Tajima Beef. In short, the beef have to pass through some criteria in order to be categorized as Kobe Beef, and from Kobe beef category, they will be graded accordingly. This is the simple chart for your understanding. If you are not sure or just don’t bother to read the whole history of Kobe beef, just look at the marbling of the beef. The more the better!! A5 consider the top grade~

beef-marbling-standards-chart_largeWe went to Kobe just for the Kobe beef. Yes, its only a day trip for that beauty. Below is the roughly idea of how you get to Royal Mouriya from Sannomiya Station, the main station in Kobe.


Oh ya, I’ve read through a lot of reviews about kobe beef restaurant and the Mouriya is the most expensive best. However, there are 3 mouriya restaurant at Ikuta Road. Royal Mouriya served the most expensive range of Kobe beef so we assumed its the best. Royal Mouriya don’t allow children, so if you are with your family with kids, go to another branch of Mouriya restaurant. 3 of the restaurants are just opposite each other. 

DSC00160This is Sannomiya Mouriya which you can bring your kids along.

20160216_121611_resizedWe opt for the Royal Mouriya which is just opposite. No children. The setting is a bit more elegant as well. 

DSC00161 DSC00162Please make your reservation online to secure a seat. This is how the restaurant look like. We have 7 people so we got a private room with two chef serving us. Great!

DSC00199Our private room!

DSC00163 DSC00164The setting. 

All the meals came with Soup, Salad, Bread/Rice, Coffee/Tea and a Dessert!

DSC00168Start off with the soup. Mushroom soup! Nice

DSC00182The salad is a blast. There’s this thing call ice berg leaves. The one lay flat on top. Its crunchy and juice. Somewhat like a very thin aloe vera. 

DSC00183Bread or Rice? I had rice of coz. 

DSC00198In the end of the meal, they served you coffee or tea. I would like tea for the finishing.

DSC00196And dessert, very refreshing berry sorbet. Do not underestimated the kobe beef meal. its very filling and i cant even finish the sorbet.

So done with the sides. Here’s the main!!

DSC00167They served everyone a plate with pepper, salt, wasabi and fried garlic slices. As well as a types of sauce. But trust me, you don’t even need the sauce.

DSC00165 DSC00171Vege for everyone. The kobe beef came with pan seared vegetables. I love all of them.

DSC00174And the Grade A5 Kobe beef!!! Look at that sexy beauty!!! Look at the marbling of the beef. This portion is for 2. 

DSC00177_pHi you. Cant wait to eat u!

DSC00180 DSC00184 DSC00192So let the chef do the magic!

DSC00187Tada!! I think I’m pretty lucky, or because I keep taking photos of the chef. I look around, everyone got their first round of 5 pieces of kobe beef… and I had SIX. Hahahaha! The chef served a small pinch of wasabi to my first piece of kobe beef and ask me to eat it with garlic. He said it is his favourite way of eating it. I had my first piece. 

OMG SO GOOD!! The beef literally just melted in my mouth. Have you ever eaten a beef that melts in your mouth? I did. I was amazed by that. Beef? Melted in my mouth? Yes. The beef is so fatty and tender that it just explode once you bite it! AND i realized I forgot to take picture. Darn!

DSC00188 DSC00189So here, I left 5 pieces. Hehehehe! 

DSC00190Look! you can see its kinda semi-transparent because the marbling is so compact. Take your first beef as they said and eat it without anything. Second piece with salt. Third piece with pepper… Just one at a time. But I love the combination that the chef served me. Garlic and wasabi!

DSC00193And… double lucky strikes. For the second round… I GOT SIX pieces again. Hohoho! Don’t know I am lucky or what but I am definitely lucky as compared to my other companion. 🙂 Or my face look like i need more pieces

DSC00191 DSC00195Before we finished our meal, the remaining beef fat is used to sautéed the bean sprouts. Yums! 

20160216_124714_mr1455601007185_resized_pHappy meal. Happy Me!! We went there for lunch, so its slightly cheaper as compared to dinner. The meal cost us 16200 yen per person, which is around RM 620 per person. Go all the way to Kobe to have the top grade of Kobe beef? No regrets!

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