King of the Fruits — Durian

The either you hate it or you love it fruit. King of all fruits — Durian. And i just love them so much.. so so so much

Screenshot_2014-07-19-18-37-35 (1)Do you know your durian?

DSC04477My favourite is the XO durian. I love it bitter sweet with a punch of strong ending. Some people love the Musang King, its a lil bit too sweet for me. I prefer my durian to be those creamy bitter sweet but as long as its durian, i will enjoy eating. Hehehehe!

DSC04613My first dosage of durian of the year. Mama bought a few of good durians back just now. And we finished them all. Wuahahaha!

DSC04615That included the mountain durian. Yes the fresh was rather orangy. Texture was slightly different as well.

DSC04632Its more solid, sticky and sweeter… 

DSC04471As compared to the original durian, its creamy and the flesh just fall off once you bite it. *slurps*

DSC04618And thanks mama, she bought some really good and creamy durian..

DSC04479Just look at the flesh!

DSC04624_pHello Durian!! The one i m holding is the bitter one. OMG SO NICE CAN CRY. huhuhu! Oh.. pardon my make up-less forever stay at home face. *shy*

DSC04623I had probably like 10 seeds of durian just now and i am so so so bloated now. Short post here to show my happiness. heheheh

DSC04641Dupy used to love durian when she was young.. 

DSC04639But now.. hmmm.. she kinda avoid all those unhealthy stuff and just sit there watching us. Say hello to dupy 😀