Kluang Station!

Yup.. Its Sunday and Its for we.. ladies gathering.. haha! Went to buy lao mao’s bday present actually but shh.. not too loud.. Don let her know.. hoho!! Went to the Spring..

First attempt is MNG.. which ended up da jie buy her stuff.. hoho.. we took some pictures too.. *remember? i picture a day makes me happie everyday* teehehe!!

Actually this post is more towards.. hmm.. the title.. *kLuang Station* bcoz lao mao bday has not yet arrive and nth to reveal of coz.. yup.. we actually wanted to go Food Bazzar for lunch but since pik qii saw someone she not willing to even look at her so we end up at Kluang Station. Its was my second attempt at Kluang Station..

This time.. I am ordering Nasi Lemak with Curry Lamb! Yes! lamb!!! my favourite super favourite! weee!

I love Lamb!

This one is Thailand Mee siam.. Yuen nI’s

Okay.. here’s our drink.. the pinkish one is mine! muahaha! its a lime syrup.. i din expected it to turn out like this.. but still… NICE! hehe!

woohoho! i look like little kid without my eye liner neh!

We have a little badminton activity jus now at evening time.. well.. what can i say? today is not a good day.. there are some hamsap+chiGo ah pek keep on teasing us and toking to us.. and keep on making noise behind us! eikss eikkks! sien ar u ah peks!! so hiao one!

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