Kuching Fest 2008

Hahaha! As promised, i very guai go to coocooron to update my blog after my super early morning class today.. haih.. having class in the morning is really suffer la.. tired.. sleepy and so so so… HAIHHH!!! i scare later i sure miss a lot of classes.. sobx!!! Ok.. back to yesterday.. yesterday is indeed a splendid nite.. I only went to kuching fest yesterday.. and my gosh.. i thought we were early coz we reached at around 6pm.. YES.. 6pm.. so early ok.. who noes the place is like so crowded.. OH.. kuching so many ppl.. hahaha!! squeezing squeezing and squeezing.. arrrgh.. no tables.. no place to eat.. only lotsa ppl and berpeluh peluh.. hehehe! Anyway.. the main purpose daddy wanna go is because tonite we have the very special “change face” (direct translate to chinese can~) performance.. originated from SiChuan, China.. cool!!

Ok.. we reached there like 6pm.. and we started to carve for food.. ^^ Oh.. still the normal old food we used to have.. but i saw one very special one.. pirate rice ball.. which i saw in the taiwanese show.. so cute! haha! next time i m gonna take a picture of it.. Tehehee!

These are some lotsa-ppl scenario in Kuching Fest!! Oh.. and some common stalls we will owes go every year.. no missed! As the place is very crowded.. and no tables as well.. we tapao everything and bring it to the stage seat to eat.. hehe! surprising its kinda full oso.. luckily got ask papa to find seats while mummy look for her food.. yes.. mummy don take food that papa and i like.. so she wanted to carve for her own food bah~ hehehe!! cute nini!!!

Time is gold ok~ hehe! take a picture while waiting for our o ar mee sua~

Here’s the stage.. for the performance later.. ^^

These are some food we ordered..

O ar mee sua.. OMG!! the taste is like so lousy compared to KL’s.. *haih*

O jian!! mummy!! but too salty i guess..

Taiwanese salted fried chicken! my brother’s love! hehehe! nice!

Fried abalone mushroom!! weehehe! nice oso.. its from the same stall as o ar mee sua.. not the one in front..

Mummy’s normal meal.. hehe! fried noodles with seafood roll.. hehe!

OH!!! i haven eaten my favourite Sugared Grapes!! ARGH!!!! i wan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its like 7pm when the entertainment started.. OH!! so pai sei.. i went on stage! hahaha! *malu*

Can you spot me? hoHoHoHohO!!!

Aiyo.. AIyooo..

lalala! duno dance wad funny dance la.. cin cai la~ *teehehe*

After that is the actual performance.. some singer do come.. haih.. but the purpose of going there is not for the singer la.. waited for so long.. but nvm la. worth oso because i get to listen some nice song.. and i saw john. haha! cheh!! nth special la.. last time at grss oso owes see tiok. *swt*

First on stage.. Hmm.. Hmm.. duno the name la.. haha!! the song is just ok ler.. but i like when he sang tank’s song. teehehe!

Here’s the video!! weehehhee!!!

Oh.. second one.. Hmm.. zhong xiao yu. hehehe! nth special la.

third one is a malay.. arghh!! so waste my time.. and so bored ok!!!!! din even take a pic of hIm.. haha! and i guess he bored a lot of ppl coz a lot of ppl leaving when he is singing. hehehe!!

Fourth one is John.. hehe! Oh.. he is my senior during high sch.. wow! kinda shocked when saw him change a lot ki la! hehe! but still.. sweeeet! like him the best among all those.. *of coz la*

His performance.. song that i like nah!! WEEEEE!

And fifth is finally the show we are waiting for!!! the “tukar muka” hahaha! i duno wad its called in english la.. the performance is like she will change her face so sudden.. a lot of pattern la.. amazing! VERY!

Here’s a lil shot i took but duno why she keep walkin down so cant finish recording it. but enjoy!

And lastly is Freddie and the cats. HAHAHA! i duno la.. this is how they called themselve.. funny rite? hehe!!

Ok.. so thats make this an end.. and finally i go meet up with lao mao and pik qii which is almost seiko sitting there! weee! and lao mao saw the gUy who stalk me at Boulevard and Spring.. but they did msg and tell me not to come jus now liao.. so i m safe!! MUAHAHAHA!! he keep on lookin at lao mao.. yerrr.. careful er lao mao!! Hiak Hiak hiAK!!