Malay-Balinese Ramadhan Buffet @ Pullman Kuching

Felt really bad for neglecting my blog for another one month. July was really busy and down. July is finally over and August will be a good one. Ramadhan Month. A very important month for all the Muslim.. And a very fulfilling makan makan month for us. 😀

1st of August.. Puzzle Restaurant at Pullman Kuching is offering a Malay-Balinese Ramadhan Buffet for the whole month…

The two main chefs from Bali… Chef Kadek Janu Wirama and Chef Gusti Made Diartawan purposely came down to Pullman Kuching for a month to present their authentic Balinese food. 🙂

Puzzle restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes.. Ranging from.. Kerabu families.. Kerabu Daging, Kerabu pucuk paku, kerabu mangga muda and much more..

If kerabu is too heavy for you, you can always opt for the western GREEN salad..

Or if you like it.. heavier.. and in a more traditional starter.. you can opt for this..

Too many sauce to choose i know 🙂

Or.. Balinese style!

Pepes Ikan (Fish marinated balinese spices wrap with banana leave)

Perkedel Jagung (Corn fritters with Balinese spices)

Tum Ayam (Chicken Yellow Balinese spices wrap with banana leaves)

Or combination… like me!

After all the starter.. here comes the Malay-Balinese Food. The main attraction for the night as well.

Kambing Menyat-nyat ( Lamb Stew with Balinese Spices)

Ayam Panggang Plecing ( Roasted Chicken with red chilli and tomato sauce)

Ikan Goreng Sambal Bawang ( Baby fish with fried shallot spice)

Beef Rendang ( Beef Stew with Balinese Spice)

Sate Empol Ikan ( Fish Finger Skewer)

Ayam Bertutu ( Smoked chicken in Balinese Spice wrap in banana leave)

Udang Bumbu Bali ( Prawn stew in coconut yellow gravy)

Cumi Sambal Matah ( Squid with raw Balinese spice)

Ready to eat!!

When you finished your Balinese Food.. it is recommended to go to the alley to have to slight walk for digestion as well as to aim for other food.

Not only Balinese Food, Puzzle Restaurant is serving food from other countries as well…

Local Delicacies like Penang Char Kway Teow, Roti Canai, Rojak, Laksa Sarawak and kuih Nyonya.. separately served in 4 different stations

Roasted Lamb…. A must for buka puasa nom nom*

Very Juicy indeed

lamb kurma, Beef curry , Honey chicken and the fish head curry is a blast!!

Vietnam popiah and roti john special..

Mexican tortilla and nachos.. omg.. i m loving this so much <3

And even seafood station… Jus pick any seafood and ask the chef to settle for you. My choice : Crabby

And if you are still not full, go back in and grab the international buffet!

A piece of each will mountain up to this 🙂

Oh.. never forget to try the bubur lambuk….. very very nice!

And our portion for 3…

Jacq don wan to be in the photo she say she din wear nice nice… =.=

Leave space for ur little tummy for dessert!

MUAHAHAHAHAH! satisfying…..

Even jacq’s fon want a piece of kuih

We managed to grab a very fast mini group photo before cyril’s group left.. Nice seeing you guys again!

So… for reservation… please call 082-222 888. The selling price is RM 89 ++ per person. Enjoy your ramadhan dinner. Only one month. fast fast na!