My Daily Make Up

Thank you for all my lovely friends who cared about Dupy. She seems ok now.. lets pray 🙂

As promised.. Gonna post my daily make up i mentioned 3 days ago. Yay..! Finally got a chance to spam the blog post with ALL my camwhored photos. Hohoho! Its gonna be a lot of me…… 😀 

My newly make up which required additional 3 minutes but can save me lotsa lotsa eyeliner. *weeee* Additional 3 mins because i always have trouble sticking the double eye lid thing. Kekekeke.

This is how i look every morning. Hehehehe!

wakieOf coz with keren beside me too. Hehehe

contactlensContact lens first…!

innerlidAs my double eye lid is more towards… inner double eye lid.. means sometimes it come out sometimes they hide inside…like this..

doubleeyelidSo i decided to try on the double eye lid sticker i bought from Taiwan months ago

doubleeyelid (2)Tada.. looked more double eye lid right? hehehe. at least they wont hide inside anymore

Apply all my skincare products. Just the basic one will do

skincareToner –> Eye serum –> Moisturizer  *Oh.. the night cream is the previous night gei*

afterfoudIn love with my dr.wu product because they absorbed damn fast. I am gonna try my another love — Naruko next time. Hehehe!

foundationsquuuezeFor foundation.. i combined Clarins Embellisseur Teint complextion perfector and Clarins Skin Illusion mineral & radiance foundation.

foundationI prefer clarins foundation because it is kinda transparent like and it wont give you the very thick foundation or bb cream effect 🙂

primerUrban Decay primer as my concealer for my heavy eye bag. Hehehe!

shadowApply a light eye shadow. I use “Urban Delay Naked 1” half baked and virgin colour.


eyeliner2Next.. apply eyeliner on both top and bottom. I use “dark horse” eye shadow to cover the bottom liner too.

eyeliner0For eyeliner.. i use Heavy Rotation.. a recommendation for a make up artist friend. Outdo my previous mac because it really doesnt smudge at all 🙂

mascaraApply mascara. I both 2 types of mascara. Kanebo deep black and Maybeline Express Volume

mascara0Apply both top and bottom as usual.

eyedoneTada.. Look more energetic right? *teehehehe*

eyebrowNext.. Apply my cheapo eyebrow pencil. Hahaha. Cheapo because it only cost less than rm15. I am waiting for my 3ce eyebrow kit from Korea. Cant wait!

eyebrow2I use ash grey because i have black hair 🙂 My own theory anyway. Hehehe! 

brusherBrusher… peachy pink from Mac. Used it for few years di. its like never finish using one. Sad. knot buy new one.

eyebalmMy lips is always dry and cracked. Huhuhu. So i always have to use lipbalm before any application of lip products. Vaseline petroleum jelly.

lipstickNext will be my new love. Estee Lauder , 39 Bermuda Pink Shimmer. A gift from Rachel. Hehehe

liplinerI’ll use a lip liner if i wanna use red lipstick… These two are my all time favourites.

lipredpinkClinique No 10 Air Kiss Lipgross Or if i wan it red and devilish.. I’ll use Chanel no. 60 Exces

omosWeeee.. Everything is almost done…!!! Get a nice hair set up and im done ^^

pinklipAir Kiss Lipgross.. everyday look…!


Or Exces red lips.. when i dont feel like “angel” 🙂

Need to wake up early mou? No need nah.. can gao dim in 15 mins… TAAAHAHAHAHHA!!!! Happy with spaming my own photos. Chaos!!!